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My mom makes me feel worthless please help?

So I'm 14 and my mom makes me feel terriable like when I need help with homework all she does is call me stupid and a dumba** and it really hurts when she says that and she tells at me 24/7 like even if I'm doing good and not anything wrong she will yell at me. she says I'm ugly fat,( I'm 5'4 and weigh 123 pounds is that fat?), stupid and she says she would hate to be a person like me because I'm dumb stupid no one likes me and I'm always annoying. Like when she say these my heart actually feels broken to the point wear it really hurts then I end up crying, but then she and my sisters laugh at me when I cry and say I'm a crybaby and stuff and it makes me cry anymore. She makes me stay homeschooled because she doesn't want me to be near people my age and she doesn't works so I'm with her every moment of everyday. I have no friends and I'm lonely and my mom makes me feel worthless. Like every single say she screams at me and says she is sick of me and cant take me anymore and I never do anything bad. All my sister are adults now and they don't care, the agree with my mom 100% they don't really care about me. I'm starting to feel very depressed but I won't EVER kill my my self or anything but she make me depressed. And my dad died the day after I was born so I never had a father in my life. I just wish my mom would be the type to really love me and show it or talk to me and feel like a mom. All she does is makes sure I have food and stuff. But she doesn't want me she always says she can't wait until I'm 18 and can move out so she won't have to deal with me anymore. She is also overprotective. But she makes me cry everyday I just feel so depressed I don't know what to do so that why I need your guys. I always try to to talk and bond but she says she doesn't wanna talk to me. Should I give her the silent tremendous except for when she ask questions and stuff WHAT DO I DO I CAN'T TAKE IT.

Thanks have a great day y'all.


I also couldn't call cps because my mom would KILL me. And I people wouldn't adopt me anyways -___- because I'm worthless :(

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    i would never thought i would meet someone like you because my mom say that to me to like no lie what i do is i just listen to eminem :)

    i would recommend some of his comedy or just listen to mocking bird when im gone Haily's song my mom just anything with eminem it helps me alot and also talk with your mom i ddon'ttalk with mine because i think she would not care :|

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    i hate to hear of u being mistreated,and i wish thst u had someone close that u could talk to,because that is a sign of verbal abuse shes breaking your happy spirits,she doesnt allow u to have a social life for u to be around other young ladies your age and she home schools u so that there is no way for u to explain to an adult so thst they can get u,and mom u ever ask your mom y she treats u that way?u might surprise her if u tell her that she hurts your feelings.can u do me a favor,take a notebook and write down all of your feelings,write the time,and date,write down what your mom did and how u felt at the time,u can even write down the kind of relationship u wish u and your mom had,and make sure u hide it were no one would find it,and write in it as much as u need to so that you are not sad,or depressed,always tell yourself that u are smart,and beautiful,nomatter what your mom says.your mom might b upset that your dad isnt there to help out with u,to see u grow,she may have still had feelings 4 you dad that she didn't get a chance to get rid of,and sometimes that turns into a hurtful anger,and if u look anything like your dad she has a fear of loving u.she doesn't realize that the way she treats u,is how we learn to treat our own kids,and even though we don't want to treat our own like that its how we were taught,and its not alright,mom wont admit she needs help,but don't let her destroy the beautiful person growing inside of u,because when u turn 18 shes not going to want to see u leave.i should know my mom use to do me like that,and now that i have a daughter i have to catch myself sometimes because i feel like i'm 2 hard on her,and i want her to always be able to count on me.always ask why?that way you'll always know.

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    Wow that sounds really tough. Your mom is going wayy out of line telling you these things and she is really IMMATURE. She sounds like a teenager. Your mom shouldn't be yelling at you and saying you are fat and ugly. It's wrong. Find a help center in your community that will help you find your way so that you won't be depressed. Not saying get your mom arrested, but get some help. You should love your mom no matter what she says or does to you. People say they only do that because they love you but your mom is going too far. If you can't find comfort in your family, find it in a youth center. Also, try to stand up for yourself and don't let anything bring you down. Hope this helps.

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    I'm 36 and my mom still talks to me like this , but I know in my heart that I'm worth something and im sorry that your mother makes u fell like this to. Know in your heart and souls that u are worth everything and one day u will find that one special person that will make u see dad died about 11 years ago and I miss him everyday. Your mother loves u she just doesn't know how to stop being missable herself. Try to tell her in a respectful way that u are worth something and she shouldn't talk to u the way she does and make her believe that u feel like u are worth something and u love yourself. U are a very beautiful person inside and out so please believe that no matter what ok!!!!! Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself your not the one that is missable and u are worth everything

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    well maybe she feels lonely too and wants you to be with her 24/7. I mean after your dad died, she must have felt very sad, having only you sisters and you and worried, (where would the money come from). Sit down and talk to her and make sure she knows how you feel, call the kids helpline if you really, desperately, need help.

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    Call children's protective services and have a heart-to-heart with the people there.

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