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Im getting a new longboard tell me if this is a good setup please.?

I mainly am going to be useing it for bombing lots of hills. I also am going to do a little cruising around town.

Tell me if this is a good setup and what i could change.

Also my money limit cannot exceed what it is now(407$)

-Landyachts evo----- deck

-Randall 180mm x 8mm (42 degree) ------trucks

-abec 11 83mm 78a ------wheels

-bones swiss ceramics -----bearings

Also what size hardware should i get?

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    Evo is a pure downhill board but you can still cruise around a bit on it. i would get it with bear grizzly 840s because they are a pure downhill truck. the same wheels and the same berrings as you said. bearings dont really matter

  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    Evo is pure downhill. I wouldnt even want to try cruising around with it... I personally prefer topmounts at the moment such as the Jati Ninjati, Earthwing Belly Racer, or the Landyachtz Wolf Shark.

    Trucks are good, compliments the wedging of the evo. If you get a topmount, look at 44 Calibers.

    Guessing you mean flywheels? They are good. If you get a topmount, look at some ~70mm wheels like Abec11 ZigZags Lime Reflex formula.

    Bearings! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BEARINGS! Keeping your bearings cleaned and lubed with 1000000000x more important that having ceramic ones. I most you should ever spend on bearings is $30. I would recommend MileHighSkate, Magic, or DBS bearings (they are all $9 a set, which means you can get at least 10 sets for the same price as swiss ceramics). Make sure you have bearing spacers too!!!

    1 1/4" hardware should be fine.

    Remember to wear a helmet. Make sure you are capable of bombing hills before you actually do. Bomb part of the hill, then work your way up if you are unfamiliar with it.

    Im honestly not sure about your skill level, if you are asking about a setup on Yahoo Answers... be careful.

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