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I had an appendectomy 6 weeks ago and 1 weeks after the operation the scar was oozing and bleeding a little bit so I went back to hospital and they said I didn't have an infection but put me on antibiotics,anyways I was in hospital 1 weeks ago for a different reason and was told I needed a blood test because I have a blood infection from my infection after the operation,when they clearly told me I didnt have an infection but now they said I did,and my blood tests results showed up blood infection so they wanted to do another to see if it is still their,I'm 16 and I'm worried,will I die:( what kind of blood infection is this,I ain't got no symptoms although I have noticed a little spotty rash on my hand but it comes and goes,iv been having problems with my stomach aswell and being sick after meals but my doc thinks I have irritable bowel syndrome,anyways I also have a urine tract infection cause there was blood in my wee the hospital the way the hospital have not put me on any anti biotics I'm on no tablets,cos they said my immune system is to low

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  • 8 years ago
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    About 98% of all infections in the world aren't able to kill a human being especially with the right treatment. I see the only real risk is blood poisoning, which is where the blood system is over loaded with all kinds of bacteria. However, your doctors put you on antibiotics, which in case you don't know, slow the bacteria's multiplication abilities. Even if it was blood poisoning, I believe you would have more symptoms. try wrapping the wound to prevent further infection.

    I don't think that you should have to worry about it. A little advice: exercise is one way to wake up your immunity system and get it to fight any infections just a bit harder.

    One more thing, I once had a small scrape in between my thumb and index finger that took over two months to heal and oozed clear liquid constantly. the ooze was just the cytoplasm of the bacteria cells that my body destroyed. I never had any symptoms nor did I get sick.

    Source(s): Life and previous conversions.
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