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Modern women have achieved financial independence from men?

But have they achieved emotional independence yet? Or do they still desire a man to complete them?

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    Modern women have NOT achieved financial independence of ANY kind. They still depend on the government for things like welfare, child support, alimony, community property and lower standards aka affirmative action quotas to make it easier for them to get certain jobs.

    As for emotional independence, I don't think they've achieved that either. For some reason, women in general are now more miserable than ever. Whereas many women were content staying home and doing housework, now many of them HAVE to go to work. They have no choice because of this thing we call feminism.

    P.S Feminism was NEVER about helping women, but about helping big business and corporate interests around the world (i.e US, UK, Sweden, Australia)

  • No - most have entered a new wave of financial slavery due to the escalating cost of basic items such as food, clothing, shelter and (dare I say it) sex.......

    The impact of the dual income family has had a monumental effect on the development of this crisis for the ordinary person......with the escalating developing - not of a less class-embattled society with 'women being equal' - but a society ever more riven by class (and classless) divides..primarily the growing divide between the 'haves', the 'have-nots', and the New Nikker segment of society I deem the 'never-will-haves'......into which fall many of those who at one time enjoyed the benefits of 'dual income leading to a social class of being a 'have", to single-person poverty and most likely the class of 'never-will-have'.....

    Stick around.......

    Footnote:- My lovely Indian lady heart surgeon and I struck up a ward romance while I lay desperately ill...two kindred spirits who knew in their hearts of hearts (hmmm) that being with one excellent person is better than a lifetime of being alone, not matter how 'successful' you are.........

    Be excellent unto one another......

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