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Shopping for nieces, is this a good idea or WHAT!?

I consider myself a very hip-to-the-groove person. So when it comes to buying presents for my nieces, I find only the newest and HOTTEST gifts available. So what do I do? I head to my local Victoria's Secret. (F.Y.I. guys- warning: EVERYTHING IS PINK IN THERE) Since I don't know exactly what my nieces want, I pull this little trick out of my sleeve: I will stand in the corner of Victoria's Secret and observe the young ladies that I see shopping. When I see one that looks close to my niece in age, I approach her. I will say "Hello there, young lady, I am shopping for my niece who is about your age. What looks good to young gals like yourself?" This is a great way to find a gift for my niece, and have a perfect excuse to chat with a hot young babe at the SAME TIME. And as a thank you to the young babe I approached, I usually will buy her something as a token of my appreciation. *side-note: make sure she is alone and not shopping with her parents* Using this method, I always get the perfect gift for my niece, and it makes 3 people happy at once!!!! (Is this great or WHAT!?)

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    I'm surprised that the store hasn't kicked you out for being a leech.


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    Idiot. Why would you buy a niece something from Victoria's Secret in the first place? You come across as a pervert who uses an excuse they have a niece to buy a gift for. If the "young babe" you approached let's you purchase something as as "token of your appreciation" she is using you. Seriously you are pathetic if this is actually true.

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    uuhhmm.... dude thats a bit like a petofile.... and why r u buying your NIECE victoria secret?? maybe a gift card but buying lingerie for a women is intimate and shouldnt come from a creepy uncle.....

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    Girls like to pick out their own lingerie, they don't want to associate their sexy underwear with their uncle. You're creepy, and chatting with 'hot young babes' is wrong especially because you don't know if they're legal or not.

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    If my uncle ever gave me panties I would kick him in the groin

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    just anything will do

    remind her of africa

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    Source(s): because it's the only other option
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