Best way to learn french?

Can anyone advise me as to what is the best way to learn French? I am in my mid 20's and English is my first language.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Hugo,

    The best way to learn french would probably be to go to a french speaking country. That is the simple answer to your question. However, I realize it may not always be possible to travel to a french speaking country, but no fret, with the help of the internet and today's technology, you can pretty much bring the french speaking countries right to you.

    There are lots of tools, websites, and courses out there on the web, many of them free and great, which will help you in your quest to learn french. The only problem is that you can get bombarded with so much information from so many different resources that it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

    I would recommend you check out, they have all the material you could possibly want or need, and they put it all together really nicely. They offer a free course which is absolutely great, I highly recommend it. It's got all the stuff you would get anywhere else, but it's all in one place and organized really nicely.

    They have audio lessons with french/english transcriptions which are really awesome, games, french culture lessons (which are cool because they tie in the culture to learning the language, makes it more fun in my view and helps you understand the language better), and some really neat little tools, like one which helps you with your pronunciation (i'll let you explore that on your own). They also have a great online community where you can meet other students and native french speakers and instructors.

    Here is the site:

    Hope it's helpful for you!

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    Best Way To Learn French

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    I'd highly recommend Rocket French to others. Why? It is especially useful for "false beginners" like me. It was most beneficial to have a clear and concise explanation in English and then a comparison to French. The group French lessons I had recently taken would never explain in English what it was they were imparting, ie. an English translation of grammar points, or vocabulary, etc. - this was frowned upon. But does this.

    It clears up any confusion and lets you move on without feeling unsure or confused on just what it is you are saying/comprehending. You can really benefit from having this wealth of information to guide you and it'll give you a lot of confidence in learning French. I work with quite a few Quebecois and they have been very impressed with my progress ever since I started using Rocket French.

    The weekly newsletter is most helpful in providing interesting aspects of French culture and language and reading the text has become easier and easier to understand. Often I start following a lesson and find I click on some aspect that I'm not too sure about and then follow this link to a deeper level and I get so deep into the subtleties that I loose track of what it was I was trying to study but nevertheless I gain a clear understanding of what it was that intrigued me. This increases my confidence tremendously that the next time I come across this point I can move on knowing I understand instead it instead of just brushing it by. So, I find that I now don't worry about not finishing a lesson from front to back because there is also so much more to learn on the way through the lesson from the links provided. A text book could never do this. The electronic version is so much more handy to use.

    Check site Rocket French Site:

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    Source(s): Your Spanish Virtual Teacher
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    Source(s): Get Better in Chinese Language
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    Easiest Way To Learn French

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    TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) is a Text to Speech software that converts any text into natural-sounding speech. It reads any text for you. You can also convert the text material into WAV or MP3 audio files with this tool, so that the resulting MP3 can be played on many other devices such as iPods, PocketPCs and CD players etc. And TTSUU can even generate lyrics for you when converting text material into audios. When playing the audio, those devices with the lyrics capability, will display the original text, and therefore it will be possible for you to not only hear the text material but also get a look at the content through the display. The interface of TTSUU is very simple and intuitive, the two pillars in the interface serve as the area where you can add sticky notes that highlight points in the text content. You can pick off any interesting and salient parts of the text from any electronic documents such as MS Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages, PDF Files, etc and copy into these notes, and these can be colored to draw your attention easily.

    TTSUU allows you to slow down reading speed to learn the pronunciation. We provide multiple language voices: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Finish, Japanese, Chinese(Mandarin, HongKong, Taiwan), Korean, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, etc.

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    I tried to learn French for a very long time. I tried books, personal teachers, and many softwares on the market. I finaly found one that I really like and is helping me make very fast progress. The program is called Ouino French. It is very well made and helps me remember everything I learné if you want to check it out

    Good luck I hope this helps!

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    You can try this website:

    It's an easy way to learn french, the graphics are nice and you can try it for free!

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    Speaking French & Loving German Culture!

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    Marry a non-english speaking french woman. You'll learn.

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