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    Epic: As in the more traditional use of the word? Or the more recent juvenile use? I will assume traditional.

    I would say Dragon Age: Origins.

    Skyrim was great, huge, addictive, (lots of other positive adjectives) but most Epic .... then no.

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    For board games: Hitler's War, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Star Fleet Battles, Starfire Empires or Pax Brittania

    For computer games, Sins of A Solar Empire... SW:TOR falls *just* short of falling into the "Epic" catagory - so far.

    For "Paper & Dice" games: Toss-up between a D&D campaign and a PFRPG campaign I played in.

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    By FAR, World of Warcraft.

    I haven't felt an equal thrill than the second you get to kill Illidan or Arthas.

    WoW started declining after the last 2 expansions, and no game on any platform has caught up to it yet (Speaking with owning PS3, XBox and a high-end PC). Next possible biggie, is the game Titan, which is currently being developed by Blizzard, and's gonna be released possibly in 2015.

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    Halo: Combat Evolved


    Left 4 Dead


    Gears of War

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    1. Bioshock

    2. Medal of Honor

    3.Call of Juarez

    4. Half Life

    5. Assassins creed

    6. Gun

    7. Fallout

    8. Portal etc...

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    Saints Row 2

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    i would say that,gta san andreas,morrowind game of the year and fallout new vegas are among the top most epic games i have played.even though i have played these games many times and have thousands of hours into each of them and all of the dlc for them,i can still play these games over and over with hundreds of hours to each of my play throughs.hope this helps.

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    MINECRAFT!!! the graphics far exeed any you could immagine! It's the most richly detailed game you will ever find! all seriousness... it depends on concole (if not computer)... in which I'll go down my list of #1s by console that I have played enough to get sucked in the game...

    PC: World of Warcraft-admittedly going downhill story and gameplay-wise, but the graphics and scenery are ever evolving and constantly captivating... if you play for those reasons...

    Xbox: Halo Franchise- don't make me choose man don't make me choose!!! the friggin plasma grenades are amazing QqQ sticky on da grunt, send him in!

    PS3: CoD- same thing with halo, DON'T MAKE MEH CHOOSE!!! I'm the local professional sniper :D

    Gamecube: Shadow the Hedgehog-yes we're going back in time a bit... but this little game cought my eye as one of the first carma influenced storyline games I've played... I could play all summer, 24-7 and still sit in the same spot, surrounded by the carcasses of dorito bags and coke bottles...

    Wii: CoD-sorry the best things to come to the Wii is CoD! honestly... the only thing the remote is good for is a cursor in most games... hardly worth buying a Wii for...

    Nintendo-64: Rayman 2-whew that brings back memories... my early childhood involved the limbless hero and his... somewhat... slow... frog... toad friend... amazingly addicting, and difficult when you least expect it! especialy the runaway explosive shell that you have to ride for countless moments, unsure when you might meet your maker... and at one point the friggin thing FLIES!!!

    sorry, haven't played skyrim yet DX

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    Fallout 3 or Skyrim

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    Source(s): Fricking Mental game!
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