Could the Canada Post tracking info. be wrong?

I sent a package 13 days ago, from Canada to Australia, on the 14 day arrival plan. The site says that it's still in my towns post office..

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    9 years ago
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    YES!!! Most countries official Post Offices do NOT update their info at all and sometimes not even after delivery. I have found this to be the case with post office websites tracking info in:

    UK (my friend sent me a gift, no updates!)

    USA (I shipped a return, got the $$ back and 2 weeks after delivery the website does NOT reflect my item delivered to anyone. Phoning did not help: USA's delivery conf is a scam. If they lose the package they do not compensate you, they can't even track it)

    France (same deal as UK)

    Thailand (purchased an item & there were no updates till I got the item)

    Canada: this Q is regularly asked on here by frustrated Canadians

    So no need to worry. It departed your town but they don't bother to update. Apparently laziness and carelessness when you work for the post office is global epidemic not specifically tied to Canada.

  • opurt
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    9 years ago

    Cross-border delivery tracking usually doesn't work unless you're using a courier company such as UPS or FedEx. Post Offices can only track the packages until it leaves the country, and very rarely do two different postal services exchange any tracking info at all. It rarely even works even just between Canada Post and the USPS.

  • mms's
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    9 years ago

    you do know that Canada post doesn't handle the actual postage in an another country, they usually use an another company either that country's national post system or like fed ex. So the updating etc. gets all screwed up on the canada post site

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes. I've had that problem with someone being mad at me for not telling me I got a package - it said it had arrived at my house, but it didn't come until 2 days later!

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  • pratts
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    4 years ago

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