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why do people hate nerds?

I may be shy but that does not mean to exclude me or any other nerd.

Here are my grades,

Computer App:A






I don't even do extra credit.I treat women with respect but I think they want me to change physically.I have a six pack(I'm skinny though weird).I'm 5'2 and weigh 86lbs(I'm not anorexic or bulimic).They say that not having pimples makes me look young but cute(I'm turning fifteen tomorrow).But why am I ridiculed so much?Is it because I don't have a girlfriend?

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    You sound like you would be very nice. And happy earlier birthday mine is the 25th(:. And it's a good thing you get good grades because you will get a nice job while everyone who makes fun of you for being a "nerd" will be working at mcDonalds. And that doesn't make you a "nerd" all the popular guys at my highschool are all in honor classes and get good grades. So don't sweat it your fine. Just remember you are better than them(;

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    Dude your turning 15 and weigh 86lbs. You should work out, gain a little weight, at your age you should be about 115-140lbs I think, but that's ok though, I mean there's nothing wrong with you I'm not gona tell you your not normal or anything I'm only trying to help, ok?

    Maybe you should try talking with girls more often, just because you don't have a girlfriend doesn't mean everyone's gonna hate you maybe your not making much of an effort, just let go and talk with people, break the rules once in a while, but don't go doing something stupid! Just relax you still have A LOT more years of school left to make more friends, just be yourself and they'll come with time.

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    I was a geek and semi nerd who got decent grades, played band while playing for the football team as well, loved video games until this day I still do, despite being geeky and nerdish I still get girls and have a ton of friends. I dont know what you mean about people hating nerds.

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    I think they are threatened by intelligence. But trust me, when you grow up, everyone is going to wish they were smart while they are garbage men or janitors. Nerds are the most successful in the world (look at Bill Gates).

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    Cause nerds are always linked with virginity, and virginity, according to THEM (the ones who dislike nerds..) is being a freak. At these ages people shouldn't be worrying about that... wh.0res :)

    Source(s): Not just 9gag.. lmao
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    You are still young. Nerds are cool on a many college campus

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    well don't worry because they'll be feeling ridiculed when they're working for you in the future

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