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suzie. asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 9 years ago

What was the purpose of civilian conservation corps of march 31 1933?

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    Along with many of the 'make-work' projects of Roosevelt's New Deal the major aim of the Civilian Conservation Corps was to keep people gainfully employed rather than being engaged in activities which could well have resulted in the devolution of society at the time.

    Thus this group worked in a somewhat military-like atmosphere being housed in barrack-like conditions (all unmarried men). They were paid $30 per month plus expenses such as meals and medical necessities.

    The project worked at the maintenance of infrastructure - berming flood planes, road construction/repairs and reforestation among them the various projects.

    Source(s): Among the many: Stevenson, Mark A. (ed) - Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Encyclopedia. Springfield: Merriam-Webster: 2000, p. 350
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    Purpose Of Civilian Conservation Corps

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    Civilian Conservation Corps Purpose

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    What was the purpose of civilian conservation corps of march 31 1933?

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    Aside from the organization's obvious political purpose--making FDR look like he was accomplishing something early on in his first term--the CCC provided employment to many desperate Americans by doing some great environmental work.

    The organization is said to have planted about three billion trees from 1931 to 1942 in order to combat the drought conditions that hit the plains states so hard during the thirties. Erosion control was key: any kind of ground cover helped keep the topsoil down. Reforestation was therefore a main goal.

    In addition, the CCC fought fires, protected wildlife, did disaster relief work, and built campgrounds and picnic shelters, to name a few things.

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