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Agree or disagee:Dirk is still the best PF until he can't perform at the elite playoff level he normally does?

Dirk just came off arguably the best playoff run since prime Duncan & Shaq, in which he outplayed Durant, Kobe, Wade, and LeBron all in one playoffs, to lead his team to a title. Kevin Love hasn't even played a playoff game yet. I don't understand why people don't understand that Dirk, like many other players came into this season unconditioned because they were expecting the NBA to lockout for the rest of the season. I also don't understand why no one takes into consideration Dirk's knee was injured for a good chunk of the season, and he's only playing 32 minutes to get ready for the playoffs. How does putting up great regular season numbers for 40 games make you better than an already proven, elite playoff performer?

Aside from rebounding, Love doesn't have much on Dirk. Dirk's the better passer. Dirk is much more clutch and reliable when you need him most (career: 28.7ppg, 11.7rpg, 49%fg, 39%3pt, 89%ft in elimination games). Dirk creates his own shot better, handles better, is more unguardable with one foot fadeaways, spin moves, up and unders, and other crafty moves. And he's a better leader, and defender.

Yes, Love has had the best season between him and Dirk, because he's 1. Healthy, 2. Playing around 39 minutes, and Dirk is at the point in his career where his minutes are going to be cut in the regular season for the playoffs. Do people remember when Tim Duncan was injured and had his minutes cut during 06, 07, and 08 and people said he was done in the REGULAR season? What did he do come playoff time? Play his normal minutes, dominate, win a title in 07, WCF in 08, and put up monster numbers. Come PLAYOFF time, i'll be proved right about this. Tim Duncan wasn't done until 09 when he couldn't lift his game in the playoffs anymore. He haven't seen that yet with Dirk, so imo, it's premature to declare someone else as the best PF when they didn't EARN it yet.


Wow Bonsian: Can I get a counter argument, instead of childish insults? Are you 12?

Update 2:

Sportzfan: That's not true. If you think Love is better, that's fine. But you flat out disrespected my opinion yesterday, and didn't even take into consideration what I was saying, even though I have a legit point about not putting unproven players over proven elite playoff performers. You say I only think this way because it's Dirk, and I tried to tell you that I did the same thing for Kobe, Nash, and Duncan when people prematurely said they're done, and you just disregard it.

Update 3:

Sportzfan: Before I respond, i'm going to say, I respect ALL opinions, until my view gets disrespected. But do you remember what I posted yesterday about Nash, Kobe, and Duncan that you quickly dismissed? Let me say it again if you didn't. Yes, i'm a Dirk fan, but me putting Dirk Love isn't because of that, it's because that's the way I rate players in general. IMHO, for ALL players, it's premature to do what you are doing with Love. In 2009, when Nash missed the playoffs, everyone kicked him out of their top 10 list. I told people he's still top 10, and that he didn't have enough around him. After the 2010 playoffs where he made the WCF, everyone put Nash back in their top 10 (even as high as 6). Last season, everyone said Kobe wasn't top 5 anymore. I still kept him in, and look how he's performing this season. In 2006, people said Duncan was done, Brand was having a better season, and like Dirk, Duncan was injured and had his minutes cut.

Update 4:

Go back and look at Duncan's 06,07,08 playoff numbers and see if I was right. I know it's quick for you to say my view is 100% biased and just dismiss it, but if my pattern (that I have for ALL players, not just Dirk) happens, what will you say?

The fact that you just dismiss my view and say i'm 100% biased about this, without considering this is how I rate players (because it has proven me right in the past) pissed me off, so if I came off like I don't respect your view, that's why.

Update 5:

Sportzfan: If you ask me who's PLAYED better this season so far, it's OBVIOUSLY Love. He's had a MUCH better season. My only argument is that he isn't "the better player" because of the minutes/injuries etc, and we haven't yet seen if Dirk is done come playoff time where he'll be healthy and playing 39 minutes. IF, Dirk CAN'T lift his game come playoff time, I WILL say Love is better. But the thing is, Dirk in this month has put up 25.8ppg, 50%fg, and over 40%3pt, showing the injuries did affect his low numbers. Love is the second best PF to me.

Is that fair? Maybe we rate players differently. Love IS playing better, so from your point of view, you want to rate him over Dirk. Fine. I'm just saying, I know Dirk's a proven player and his numbers this season don't indicate how good he is, and once the playoffs start, and he can't do it anymore, then he's done.

Also I want to know, what will you say IF what i'm saying is true?

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    How many times are you going to ask this question? I'm not even going to answer this question, because you don't respect my opinion anyway. All you want to hear is that Dirk is still the best, but he's not.

    I have nothing against Dirk or you, but no matter what I say, you would never agree.. First of all, I wouldn't consider Love unproven. He is playing at a higher level than any PF right now, and continues to get better. Secondly, I don't think it's fair to place Dirk ahead of Love (right now) based on success. Dirk has had great players around him for most of his career. Love has not. If Love was on a Playoff contending team, I'm sure he'd be able to play at an elite level and be a leader, just like Dirk.

    Keep in mind this is coming from a completely unbiased fan. If I were a fan of Dirk, there is no doubt that I would argue that he is the best. It's part of being a fan. You have to admit, you do have a slightly biased opinion. You bring up good points, but statistically, which is really the only fair way to compare the two right now, Love is better.

    Alright, well I'm sorry for not considering your view as much as I should have. To be honest, I was never one that said Nash and Kobe were done. I still had Nash top 10 and Kobe top 5. I kind of gave up on Duncan, and although he isn't terrible, he isn't at the level he used to be at. Dirk will soon be 34 and isn't the healthiest. He still plays at an elite level and therefore I don't believe you are 100% biased. However, if you say it's premature to rate Love the way I'm doing it, then I guess there is no way of comparing the two. In my opinion, if you want to compare a young guy on the rise, and a guy that has had much success in the league, you have to consider their stats as a big part of your rating. Love hasn't gotten the chance to prove himself in the Playoffs yet, and from my understanding, that is one reason why you think Dirk is better. How about we just agree that they are easily top 5 PF, and be happy?!

    Alright that's fair. If I see that Dirk is his old self in the Playoffs, and makes a deep run in the Playoffs, I would admit that you're right. I understand that injuries and age have slowed him down, but I'm interested in seeing how he does in the post-season this year. No matter what, Love will be better statistically, but we'll see the leadership ability and how clutch Dirk can be in the Playoffs.

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    If you're going to put it this way, then I'm going to go ahead and say that Amar'e Stoudemire and Pau Gasol are both better than Dirk Nowitzki, and are the top two PFs in the league. You're basing your arguments on past achievements, past effectiveness, and the fact that he's had to deal with physical handicaps (his age plus wear and tear). Well, Gasol and Stoudemire had to deal with those things too. Gasol had an embarrassing playoffs run where he looked more like a D-league player than an NBA star. Stoudemire is coming off an offseason where he bulked up 15lbs, thinking it would give him a competitive advantage once he returned. Instead, he found that the newfound weight slowed him down too much, and he's worked to shed the weight to return to an optimal blend of speed and power.

    Gasol has returned to form this season. While he's seen his offensive role (especially in the low post and paint) decrease somewhat to Bynum's growing offensive role, he's still a great scorer, and has one of the sweetest mid-range jump shots among all PFs in the league. He's also expanded his capability on short fadeaway and pull-up jumpers, though I don't particularly like that aspect of his game. He's still a great defender and rebounder - better than Nowitzki. Nowitzki's TRADEMARK WEAKNESS has always been his lack of defense and rebounding for a 7 footer. Stoudemire has been the dominant Stoudemire of last season over the past two weeks or so.

    Right now in the regular season, Kevin Love is the undisputed champion of PFs. If you want to talk about playoff dominance, then wait till April and for Dirk to post some big games before saying this. Who knows, maybe he'll flake and pull a Gasoft like Pau did last year.

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    8 years ago

    Are you talking about this season or career?

    If career, then I think Dirk is better than Love. And it's not close. Love has to play like this for about 7 - 8 years to be compared to Dirk.

    If this season, then the past doesn't matter. Love is performing better.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There haters dude. They don't see how great and unique of a player Dirk is; and back to Love and his rebounding, exactly who on his team other than himself averages 10 rebounds a game?

    Source(s): Dirk>Love
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    8 years ago

    Nigguh stop typing all of this sh1t no ones going to read it, stop sucking dirks d1ck.


  • 8 years ago

    I Don't agree with most things you say but at least we see i 2 eye on this one!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wow you ride Dirk a lot..

  • J
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    8 years ago

    You seriously need to stop wasting your time typing all this. It's gonna be hard to accept, but you're eventually gonna have to understand that Kevin Love is better than him.

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