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What's your favorite Shawn Michaels vs Triple H Match?

BQ-Who's your favorite female wrassler?

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    Shawn Michaels vs Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match - Bad Blood 2004 and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H in a Street Fight - Summerslam 2002.

    BQ - My 3 favorite female wrestlers: Kharma, Trish Stratus, and Chyna.

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    Well i don't have a top one, but i have a top 3. and they are: 1-Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood 2004, 2-Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble 2004, 3-Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Three Stages of Hell match at Armageddon 2002 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bq:currently: Beth Phoenix, past:Lita

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  • Jerry
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    8 years ago

    2 out of 3 Falls World Heavyweight Championship Armageddon 2002

    BQ: Velvet Sky

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    The final guy status tournament at Royal Rumble. It substitute into epic and entirely orchestrated to an outstanding storyline that purely those 2 could desire to pull off. It substitute into the fashion of tournament you assume from a identify tournament, that's a classic and it shows the specific uncooked thoughts. as much as i like Triple H vs. HBK fits, i do in comparison to fits the place Evolution interrupts with the aid of fact it destroys the full factor of it.

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  • 8 years ago

    RR 2004 or Summerslam 2002, Lita.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The bloddy one before the royal Rumble, i think it was the Royal Rumble 2004 PPV

    BQ: Natalya

  • Joey
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    8 years ago

    That really Bloody One.

    BQ: Chyna

  • 8 years ago

    Don't have one, was a WCW Rick Flair fan.

    Right now, its a toss between the Bella's

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