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Who wins NFC SOUTH?????

With the saints Sean Payton out for the year and possibly some of the players who may be suspended. Who takes the NFC south? Cam Newton and the panthers look like they are improving, while the falcons took a step back, and the Bucs just added a lot of weapons.

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    I'd say Atlanta has a greater chance of winning the NFC South but it's possible that Carolina wins.

  • Todd
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    Who knows. The NFC South has always been unpredictable. No division champion of the NFC South has ever repeated as division champion the next year. Since the division was founded in 2002, the Falcons and Panthers have 2 division titles and the Bucs and Saints have 3 titles, so it's pretty evenly spread.

  • Escape
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    Saints. I know everyone wants to say the Saints are done, but they still have a dangerous offense as long as Brees is taking snaps for the Saints. The Saints have some great assistants, so the Saints should be fine in the coaching department. They added a top notch DT, so in that respect the Saints defense is even getting better. I love the moves the Bucs have made, so I think Freeman will take a step forward this year and make the Bucs a wild card contender. The Falcons are solid in every aspect, but they don't wow you on any side of the ball. The Panthers still have a ton of pieces missing. I think Newton was sensational last season, but I expect some more learning mistakes out of him.

    1. Saints

    2. Bucs

    3. Falcons

    4. Panthers

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    We lose our head coach and some players on defense and you guys have us 4th in the division?

    First off, our schedule isnt that tough.

    Second, Pete Carmichael, Steve Spagnoulo, and Drew Brees can carry the team. Carmichael exclusively coached 4 games last year and the Saints won 3 of them.

    Lastly, we're signing quality players who are definite upgrades i.e. Scott Shanle will be replaced etc.

    Just because we lose our head coach and some players on a lackluster defense doesnt mean they are going to roll over. The Saints win the division 12-4 only losses from Green Bay, Atlanta, New York Giants, and Cowboys.

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  • Finch
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    i think the nfc south is up in the air. the falcons, bucs, and panthers all have equal chances of winning the division. i'll be SHOCKED if the saints win the division since:

    1. Bountygate

    2. no one has repeated as nfc south champs

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    Probably the Falcons, who are the more complete team. I wouldn't be surprised though if Tampa did. If their new coach can install some discipline, they could be a 10 win team.

  • Anonymous
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    since 2002 no team had back to back nfc south division champs so i will say will be either carolina or atlanta (even though they have not done so much ) but who knows you know the saints are not invicible and untouchables like every one thinks

  • Anonymous
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    Personally, I believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the NFC South, and be the surprise team in the NFL next season.

    The Buccaneers remind me a lot of last year's San Francisco 49ers team, which fired its head coach after a disappointing season, and hiring a coach from the college game.

    Source(s): I have correctly predicted the winner of this division each year since the NFL realignment in 2002.
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    8 years ago

    1. Panthers

    2. Falcons

    3. Bux

    4. Saints

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