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the circuit of SCR with 0-180 degree firing angle?

it's about SCR with 0-180 degree firing angle circuit.

i can't figure out the function of the two 1N4004 Diode

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  • Rick
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    9 years ago
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    The diode connected to the SCR gate prevents reverse bias on the gate. The diode across the pot is used to discharge the timing cap, when the input goes negative.

  • daddea
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    it will develop the typical potential. via reducing the firing attitude to 0 you're triggering the SCR in the past than in case you waited for the ninety degree element. 0 is on the commencing up of the sine wave the place the 0 pass element is. ninety tiers is on the top of the 1st 0.5 of the cycle. in case you place off at ninety tiers you basically have the the rest 0.5 of the cycle (from ninety to a hundred and eighty tiers) for conduction. Triggering at 0 tiers the total a million/2 of the cycle (0 to a hundred and eighty tiers) is engaging in.

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