Teacher's Discrimination?

I have a friend (and it's actually is a friend, I'm not speaking hypothetically for my own situation) who was found holding hands with her friend, both being girls. The teacher told them to stop, as one might assume with PDA and whatnot in public schools. The issue, however, is that the teacher deliberately ignored a straight couple blatantly adjacent to them who were holding hands themselves. Thoughts, Opinions, Advice?


Yes, I probably should have added that she did indeed point out that the other couple was.

Update 2:


Myself and a couple other people we know serve as witness, plus the school is fully lined with security cameras.

Update 3:


That may the the farthest possible delusion you can come up with from what I already know to be fact.

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    Your friend should have pointed out that the other couple was holding hands.

    If it happens again, do that.

    If the teacher shows any more signs of discrimination, tell the teacher. The teacher might not even realize what they're doing. If the teacher is purposely doing it, you can tell your principle or something.

  • Unless your school has specific rules against discrimination on the basis of sexual preference, there is no issue here. In fact, even if they do, failure to enforce a rule against one party does not in itself indicate discrimination.

    The third and perhaps most important issue is that being 'told to stop' is not a punishment, it is simply an instruction and nothing ever stops people from giving instructions to others. If they were PUNISHED, it might be different, but they were not.

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    Yes, that would be discrimination of course.

    However, good luck proving it without a videotape. The teacher could easily say "I didn't see the other couple"

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