How should I invest in my 401K to get the most out of it?

I have no idea what how to distribute? However, I do like to play it somewhat safe. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ready Assets Prime Money Fund

Invesco Van Kampen Equity and Income Fund - Class R

BlackRock S&P 500 Index Fund - Investor A Class

BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, Inc. - Investor A Class

Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Fund - Class T 15

Ivy Asset Strategy Fund - Class Y

Delaware Diversified Income Fund - Class A

Victory Established Value Fund - Class A

BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond Portfolio - Investor A Class

Thornburg International Value Fund - Class R4

BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund - Investor A Class 35-40

Goldman Sachs Growth Opportunities Fund - Class A

Invesco Van Kampen Comstock Fund - Class A

MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund - Class A

BlackRock Large Cap Core Fund - Investor A Class

Ivy International Balanced Fund - Class Y

Victory Special Value Fund - Class

BlackRock Large Cap Growth Fund - Investor A Class

Aberdeen Global Natural Resources Fund - Class A

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    8 years ago
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    Somewhat safe is a very good plan, but not too safe.

    For safety, about 25% in the Ready Asset Prime Money Fund. If the market drops about 20% then you can move that into your other choices.

    Fidelity Small Cap Fund has not been a good fund. Avoid that one.

    Victory Established Value Fund. The name is somewhat misleading. This is not actually a value fund but it is a good fund. 25%

    Invesco Van Kampen Equity and Income. Not a great fund. About average but relatively safe. 25%

    Aberdeen Global Natural Resources Fund. This one should be a no brainer but its record is very poor. Must be poor management. Avoid it.

    Black Rock Large Cap Core Fund. Another dog. Avoid it. Holding are not what I would call core holdings and its performance is poor.

    Ivy Asset Strategy Fund. Not a bad fund. It is better than it appears. Holds some gold. Holds some international stocks. 25%

    Delaware Diversified Income Fund. This has been a real good fund, but it is a bond fund and bonds are due for a fall. Avoid it.

    Those are the best of the bunch that you were presented with in my opinion. One of the problems with 401k accounts is many times the selection is not great.

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    First of all, you may want to do some research on investment risk - many people say that they don't want a "risky" portfolio, but they may not realize that when it comes to investing, short term risk generally means higher returns in the long run. In general, the younger you are, the more "risk" you want to have in your portfolio. One equation I like to use is to take your age and subtract 20 - that should be the percentage of fixed-income ("safe") investments that make up your portfolio. The rest should be in stocks. So for example, if you are 40 you should have at least 80% of your portfolio in stocks.

    For now, go with 100% into the BlackRock Global Allocation fund - it's got low expenses, solid performance, and a good mix of U.S.and international stocks as well as bonds. You can always change that allocation later as you learn more about investing.

    Then head down to your local library or book store and pick up one or two books on investing and/or retirement planning. This stuff isn't all that complicated, but it is VERY important to know.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

    Source(s): Former stock broker, MBA in Finance, and 20+ years investing experience.
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    8 years ago

    I'll help you narrow it down,.but I'll also show you how to find the funds on charts..

    Search,..."Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Fund - Class T 15",..On Yahoo =

    Which gives you the symbol,....FSCTX,..then search FSCTX in Yahoo charts "5 year chart",..To get an idea of it's long term average return,..Then notice the "compare ",..where you can add other funds compare against..

    Notice I added ...GGOAX

    Prime Money fund is a cash account

    "Balanced Funds",.. Is a conservative fund 60% equity and 40% bonds,..or the opposite

    "Large cap", stocks like Coca cola..Catepillar..Walmart,..Safe equity,..probably the best return long term..

    Small cap,..At strategic times would greatly improve your return

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    8 years ago

    Call an independent financial planner or check out a fidelity investor center.

    Source(s): CFA
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  • 8 years ago

    I think you should buy and sell gold, if you don't like taking risks, open a shop

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