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What are some good marijuana strains to help anxiety?

Last week i had a very bad high and haven't smoked scence, i would like to give it another try but im afraid if i do i will have another panic attack! i have never had one of these experiences before,when high, but than again i have anxiety disorder. if anyone can help me with a strain that reduces anxiety that would be grate!

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    There is no magic strain that will help anxiety. In fact marijuana of any type can make you anxious. THC causes increased heart rate and paranoia. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear and I'm not some antidrug warrior or anything but it is true. The best thing to do if pot makes you anxious is to meditate for 15 minutes before smoking, than smoke a Kush or Purp strain and you will have a relaxing high. Meditation is key if you are anxious.

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    ^^^ what this guy said. Indica and Sativa strains give different results. One allows you to still function some during the day while one relaxes you and chills you out. Usually described by head or body highs. Some hybrids also do different things. I would just listen to this guy since i do not know too much about their symptoms.

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    You really need to check out "The Depth Factor" meditation program, it's the best, it's been voted as the number 1 meditation program made so far. Here is their official web-site:

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    Can't go wrong with a kush....hindu or bubba kush.....nice euphoric high instead of a deep body stone

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