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Is Kevin Bieksa the Milan Lucic of the West?

Don't get me wrong they are both good players but both seem to have cowardly features.

Both are big men and have the capability but they only fight guys who they know they can fight.

Looking at Bieksa's fights this year he has fought:

Brandon Dubinsky

Jamal Mayers

Tom Kostopolous

Nick Johnson

According to the people all voted Kevin Bieksa the winner (grant it some bias may be included because Canuck fans tend to have more fans now than other teams)

However, after last night with Sedin getting elbowed Bieksa did absolutely nothing to protect his teammates after a clear dirty hit and he has a label of being somewhat of a "Tough Guy".

Is he the biggest fraud when it comes to supposed to being a "tough guy"? Would you compare him to being the Milan Lucic of the West because he only picks and chooses battles with guys he knows he can beat?

What do you think about him?

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    Rebel Alliance- By your definition, Bob Probert and Dave Schultz were not enforcers. Poppycock! Enforcers can sometimes score. Yeah, Bieksa is a fraud. Lucic is a dirty fraud and pulls some cowardly stuff...his recent fights (Komisarek not included) have been against guys more his caliber. Another fraud is PK Subban...he becomes a tough guy when other players or refs get between him and the opponent. Some guys don't live by the code.

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    Neither Kevin Bieksa or Milan Lucic are enforcers or the "tough guys" like you describe them. Sure they may drop the gloves and they stand up for their teammates but they're not going to have extensive fight cards. Wayne Simmonds is like that, he's just aggressive and doesn't stand for garbage. Now Jody Shelley, Zac Rinaldo, those are enforcers. You can argue Shelley offers nothing to the team offensively or defensively he's just there to instigate fights. I didn't see the game, so I didn't see the hit in question on Sedin. Maybe it wasn't all that bad and you're just making a big deal out of nothing. I'm sure if it was a seriously dirty or cheap hit Bieksa would be there to defend his teammate.

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    I think to a certain extend you have to consider Bieksa is a defensemen. Take last night when you had 3 guys out, 1 injured and 2 out 10 to 15 minutes with penalties. So you have 3 lines instead of 4. Do you really want a defensemen out too. Reality is teams seldom have a defensemen as a enforcer, it is a 4th line winger. Like Lucic. lol

    Anyway, name a defensemen that tops the penalty minute stats and I'll show you a team that dresses 7 d for a game. I just looked at the stats, top 3 defence penalty minutes are half the top 3 in the league. And the highest is about 25th in league.

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    I don't think Bieksa is labelled as a "tough guy". I think he's more labelled as a hard hitting solid defenseman. I think the guys he fought are in his category. They're not true fighters but they're hard hitting aggressive players.

    I'm a Flames fan and to be honest really dislike the Canucks but I've always really liked Bieksa.

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  • 9 years ago

    Don't even dare to compare my precious Boom Boom to that filthy Lucic...

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