Endorsing a check on the back?

What is the proper way to endorse this check? Assume that a husband and wife, John L. Smith and Deborah Sue Smith ( these are fake names) filed a joint tax return to the Internal Revenue Service... the check we received is for $ 400 and made out to Smith, John L & D S then the next line is this husband and wife's address, and we want to deposit this check into our joint checking acct.

What do we write on the back on our check ?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    From memory, the endorsement should be in exactly the same words as on the front. That was Australian law way back when I worked in a bank, US law may be different but probably not. I don't think the address is needed, but you can always put it in, will not do any harm.

    If in doubt, ask a teller at your bank. They should know, or they should know someone who knows. Then you can write whatever is needed in front of them.

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