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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書高等教育 (大學或以上) · 9 years ago

[急] 澳洲大學問題 (商)

Hi, 有幾個問題想問問:) 首先個人bg, 第2屆DSE考生, NOW F5,讀bafs(m) & eco, 英文唔錯, 打算DSE完左去AUS讀大學, 係公民, 想讀商科, 主要係management既野

1. 想係University of Sydney度讀/University of NSW, 但較心儀前者. 想問,邊間讀我想讀既科會好D? 唔使講一大堆ranking比我知, 我淨係想知邊間對我既STUDIES會好D

但我本身prefer係sydney住, 所以想揀番D sydney既大學讀:$

2. 承上, 有咩科岩我? 如果係HK我最想讀UST G.BUS, AUS有冇類似? 可唔可以講requirements我知?約莫DSE咩科要有咩grade? 中文同通識理唔理??

3. 學費GOV對我呢D回流公民有冇subsidy?

4. 係AUS度讀大學番黎前途係咪會好D?

5. 番去讀大學有冇咩試要考? 咩IELTS, TOEFL等等??? 我使唔使讀foundation先入得?

暫時係咁多, 唔該曬=]

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  • 9 years ago
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    Australia Citizen正常係有subsidy.

    e.g. Foriegn student (like me) 學費:A 11000

    Au Citizen Aud 3xxx only

    but not sure is it applicable for ur case (回流公民)

    U can ask Uni Sydney by email or other overseas agent for that


    除非你成績好好 - like my friend from malaysia - 9'As' . If you want Uni of Sydney (U need to be even better) (he get the offer but he still study foundation) ,如果唔係,係要讀FOUNDATION OR Year 12 in Australia.

    Go to study in Top 8, IELTS should be a must. (so yes for Uni Sydney)

    2012-03-23 15:55:57 補充:


    That means:

    the grade that you will be offered a university place in Hong Kong.


    Only for total marks, Of course they will look more into English and your chosen major (e.g. Accounting/ Economics - for ur business)

    Source(s): 三年留學澳洲經驗
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