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Who would win these matches(EWE)?

Welcome to the new year! It's 2012 and this is EWE New Year's EXTREME!

Tonight championships will be defended, rivalries will be taken to a head, and the Road to Fight For Glory 2012 begins. 2012 is the year of EWE! Welcome to the pay-per-view.

1. HARDCORE MATCH: Gregory Helms vs. Justin Credible

- The EWE world tag team titles are the biggest prize for the tag team division. Everyone eying for these 2 pieces of gold. But, 2 teams have said time and again that they are the rightful #1 Contenders. The Miz and John Morrison....and Sabu and The Sandman the former world champions before losing the gold to current champions William Regal and Paul Burchill. Next the 2 teams will battle with a contract held above the ring. Once that contract is pulled down by a wrestler on either team that team will earn the right to challenge for the world tag titles in 2 weeks at the most important PPV in EWE; Fight For Glory 2012 on March 31st. This is for all the marbles as some may say. Neither team can afford a loss.

2. Ladder match: #1 Contenders match

EWE World Tag Team Championships!

The Miz & John Morrison vs. The Originals(Sabu & The Sandman)

3. EWE Intercontinental Championship:

AJ Styles vs. Ted DiBiase(c)

BACKSTAGE; In the boiler room is the Undisputed champion, Mankind. He says that he loves nothing more than the feeling of pain. Inflicting pain as well as feeling it as every part of his body he feels being torn limb by limb. He says that he feels pleasure in that fact. Pleasure a fellow EWE wrestler has also inflicted recently that in Drew McIntyre. Mankind says Drew has become hungry. Drew's ready to be champion and with the M.I.T.B. briefcase he's held since last year their is nothing stopping him from being a champion...Drew interrupts Mankind. Drew says that yes, he does enjoy inflicting pain upon his "fellow wrestlers". He'd also enjoy inflicting pain on Foley tonight. Mick says he's up for the challenge. Drew says; "You don't know what you did, Foley."

4. Non-title:

Drew McIntyre vs. Mankind(c)

- It is the most demonic structure in the history of wrestling. This is the 2nd year EWE has held the elimination chamber here at this event and with the world title on the line here tonight there is no stopping any of these 6 wrestlers from doing anything in their power to win the title here tonight. Being the champion, Ted DiBiase's got the upper-hand as he's locked inside of the 1st chamber pod. The last entrant inside this demonic structure. How will Ted and the others fair? How will Thomas Rule fair as his 2nd chamber match approaches? He walked into last years chamber the world champion and is determined to walk out the world champion here tonight as with the rest of these challengers and the champion who prays he walks out with the gold. This is your main event; An elimination chamber match for the world championship. Now I have made a mistake tonight as only 5 participants have been announced for this match. So, as a twist to this night I'm adding TsWRW wrestler, and good friend of Thomas Rule, Jesse to this match. The rookies first mainstream match on EWE. He's gotta make it work and for the world title this is the biggest Push for this young gun.

MAIN EVENT: Elimination Chamber match

EWE World Heavyweight Championship!

(order of entrants, 1st 2 named start the match)

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian vs. Thomas Rule vs. Jesse vs. Ted DiBiase(c)

AFTER THE MATCH: The winner of the world title chamber match is announced. "Broken Dreams" starts to play as Mr. Money In The Bank, Drew McIntyre hits the ring to cash-in his briefcase! McIntyre slowly enters the ring as the world champion is having trouble getting to his feet after the brutal chamber match. Drew wastes no time in turning the champ around as he gets to his feet Drew hits the FutureShock DDT, pinfall, and victory! Here is the winner and NEW world heavyweight champion, Drew McIntyre!

Give this EWE PPV a rating, answer the WQ below, and *STAR* the show. Tonight's event is also the final stop in the road to EWE Fight For Glory 2012, the biggest event in EWE. You can call it EWE's "WrestleMania". Coming to you on March 31st, 2012. How will these next few weeks play out as we gear up for our biggest event of the year? Find out this Thursday on the show as Thomas Rule has said he's gotta surprise for the Chairman.

WQ: Which of these legends in your opinion will have ONE MORE MATCH at WrestleMania 29 next year? Chris Jericho, The Rock, HBK?

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    Match 1-winner Gregory Helms-6/10

    Promo 1-7/10

    Match 2-winners The Miz & John Morrison-7/10

    Match 3-winner AJ Styles-7.5/10

    Promo 2-7.5/10

    Match 4-winner Drew McIntyre-7/10

    Promo 3-7/10

    Main Event-winner Christian-9/10

    Post Match-8/10


    WQ-Chris Jericho might still be around come "Wrestlemania 29" but it also might not even be his "last" match.Shawn Michaels, however, might return for "one match only" & challenge the man he screws this year at "Wrestlemania 28" in HHH.That's just my opinion, though.




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    9 years ago

    1.justin 10/10

    2.the miz team 10/10

    3.aj 10/10

    4.mankind 8/10

    main event:THomas rulee 9/10

    promo:im the best in this damn bussiness if it wasnt for me making tswrw.. and then giving off to joey... i wouldnt be here right now... if it wasnt for me being me... i wouldnt be here right now...

    overall 9/10

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    7 years ago

    Forgive the lateness of my reply:

    ( Match # 1 ) - Hardcore Match

    Gregory Helms vs. Justin Credible ( 5 / 10 )

    Winner: Gregory Helms

    Comments: I do not know why he stopped competing as Shane "Hurricane" Helms because you did not explain that, some explanation would be appreciated.

    ( Match # 2 ) - # 1 Contender's Ladder Match

    The Miz & John Morrison vs. Sabu & The Sandman ( 10 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Sabu & The Sandman

    Comments: You have to give Miz & Morrison some kind of chance to win a match in this company, jobbing is not a good look for them.

    ( Match # 3 ) - EWE Intercontinental Championship Match

    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (c) vs. AJ Styles ( 5 / 10 )

    Winner: AJ Styles

    Comments: I have told you time and time again that you need to be specific about who it is you are booking in these matches, the more detailed the better.

    ( Match # 4 ) - Singles Match

    Drew McIntyre vs. EWE Undisputed Champion Mankind ( 5 / 10 )

    Winner: Mankind

    Comments: The only chance McIntyre has of taking that championship from Mankind is with that Money In The Bank briefcase and maybe not even then.

    ( Main Event ) - EWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

    Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian vs. Thomas Rule vs. Jesse ( 5 / 10 )

    Order Of Elimination:

    -Kurt Angle(6th): Due to him and Joe starting the match their intense rivalry is the focus, the next entrant Christian allows them to finish their feud when his pod opens he does not make a move, that is until Angle is holding on to the ropes as Joe goes for the sunset flip, Christian kicks Angle's arm off the ropes allowing Joe to get the fall.

    -Thomas Rule(5th): Rule is the 4th competitor to enter this match, Joe & Christian, fresh off working together to take Angle out of the equation, agree to team up, so now Rule faces the tag team of Joe & Christian, he is not even allowed out of his pod as Christian dropkicks him back in and Joe wails on him with rights and lefts, Joe goes for the pin, but Christian pulls him off saying Joe got the 1st fall it's his turn now, but Joe just shoves him off, Christian slams Joes head off the cage and goes for the pin, Joe pulls him off, now they have a problem, Rule is able to recover and rolls Joe up, Christian almost lets him get the pin but goes for a roll up of his own getting the fall on Rule.

    -Jesse(4th): All 4 of the remaining competitors are in the ring now, there are no teams it is every man for himself, Joe & Christian pair off, but DiBiase is not about to let them get off that easily he will deal with Jesse when the time is right, meanwhile Jesse is perched on top of a pod trying to stay out of sight, but then he sees an opening he cannot refuse and swan dives on to Joe & Christian, DiBiase saw him coming and stepped away just in time, DiBiase realizes Jesse got the worst of it and waits for him to stagger back to his feet before hitting Dream Street for the fall.

    -Ted DiBiase(3rd): Joe & Christian are still down so DiBiase tries to put away Christian, unsuccessful, so he tries Joe, but Joe was playing possum and hits him with a small package putting him away and guaranteeing a new champion.

    -Christian(2nd): Christian & Joe have been working together since the beginning, when Christian sees it is just the two of them he lays down and allows Joe to pin him.

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    Comments: Since "The Million Dollar Man" was already booked to compete before this match, I assumed you were using Ted, Jr., however since you did not put the "Jr." I assumed you were using his other gimmick and, therefore, he has to start from the bottom of the ladder.

    -------------OVERALL: 6 / 10

    An average PPV, the fact that Joe earned that victory only to be beaten by a man who lost his match is quite bitter sweet, but not enough to hurt the quality of the PPV as it was quite entertaining. The gimmicks were a little confusing and were probably what hurt your show the most, but not enough it would seem as it is just as good as any real life wrestling PPV. Not everything is perfect, some things you will have to work at to get right. For example, who works best with who, what their best persona is, booking, match order, things like that. Managing a wrestling company is hard work, that is why everyone is not out there doing it.

    WQ: The Rock would be the most likely. Jericho is not even semi-retired and Shawn Michaels has vowed that he will never compete in a WWF ring again. Jericho still has a lot of gas in the tank and only Rock is a good multi-tasker. It is unlikely the WWF will ever book Shawn Michaels in another match, but if they do it would not be just one he would have to be back full time. This is absolute fact. He would have to be signed to either RAW or SmackDown because at that point it would be a reset. Wrestlers would go back to being exclusive to one brand.

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