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Tips for training Alaskan malamutes?

I need tips on how to train my malamute I've read things about positive reinforcement and treats and I've tried those but I just need some tips also is it possible there is a dominance thing if so how do I teach him that I'm the boss and not him

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    Alaskan malamutes are very intelligent dogs before positive reinforcement will work you have to how them that you are the dominant one... now that is not by hitting your dog cause negative reinforcement is very bad for a dog in training. but first when you walk don't let him lead dogs in the wild are part of a social group and when you put Alaskan malamutes on a sled team the most dominant dog goes up front and then from there you put the rest of the team because the dominant dog is the pack leader and the pack leader always is up front leading the group... second if your dog is not responding to positive reinforcement then you might just have to find the perfect treat that is just for training. don't over treat your dog give them the treats only when they do the behavior that you want them to do... now for the dominance part my parents had an Akita that that did not get along with me and they went on vacation and i had to take care of him and my dog i looked my parents dog in the eyes and i said if you don't like me your not going out and your not going to be fed and we got along ever since you just have to be strong and commanding dogs can sense "vibes" that we are sending out and respond to them accordingly when we are sad our dogs are sad when we get excited they get excited even thought they don't know why we are sad or excited they go along with the "vibe" that we are sending out when training your dog use a very strong voice it will help :)

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