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JM asked in SportsBasketball · 8 years ago

Buy or Sell: Dirk is still the best PF until he can't perform at the elite playoff level he normally does?

Dirk just came off arguably the best playoff run since prime Duncan & Shaq, in which he outplayed Durant, Kobe, Wade, and LeBron all in one playoffs, to lead his team to a title. Kevin Love hasn't even played a playoff game yet. I don't understand why people don't understand that Dirk, like many other players came into this season unconditioned because they were expecting the NBA to lockout for the rest of the season. I also don't understand why no one takes into consideration Dirk's knee was injured for a good chunk of the season, and he's only playing 32 minutes to get ready for the playoffs. How does putting up great regular season numbers for 40 games make you better than an already proven, elite playoff performer.

Aside from rebounding, Love doesn't have much on Dirk. Dirk's the better passer. Dirk is much more clutch and reliable when you need him most (career: 28.7ppg, 11.7rpg, 49%fg, 39%3pt, 89%ft in elimination games). Dirk creates his own shot better, handles better, is more unguardable with one foot fadeaways, spin moves, up and unders, and other crafty moves. And he's a better leader, and defender.

Yes, Love has had the best season, because he's 1. Healthy, 2. Playing around 39 minutes, and Dirk is at the point in his career where his minutes are going to be cut in the regular season for the playoffs. Do people remember when Tim Duncan was injured and had his minutes cut during 06, 07, and 08 and people said he was done in the REGULAR season? What did he do come playoff time? Play his normal minutes, dominate, win a title in 07, WCF in 08, and put up monster numbers.

Dirk isn't done, and I know people are going to get on my case about this, but I could care less, because come PLAYOFF time, i'll be proved right about this.

Tim Duncan wasn't done until 09 when he couldn't lift his game in the playoffs anymore. He haven't seen that yet with Dirk, so imo, it's premature to declare someone else as the best PF when they didn't EARN it yet.


Toodles: Fickle fans like you, are exactly why I can't wait for the playoffs to start, so i'll be proved right about this.

Update 2:

Toodles: ONE playoff run? Where were you the past 10 years? Dirk for years has been one of the elite playoff players, being one of 4 players ever to average 25/10 for his playoff career, and he averages 28.7ppg, 11.7rpg, 49%fg, 39%3pt, 89%ft in elimination games when his team needs him most. He's had dozens of great playoff series. Did you miss the 2006 playoffs? This was just the first year he won it all. Quick question, was Elton Brand better than Tim Duncan in 2006?

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    After reading your essay, I have come to the conclusion that you are a very biased fan. How could you honestly say Dirk is better than Love? If you mean Dirk in his prime, one could argue that, but as of right now, Love is the more dynamic PF. Your main reasoning for Dirk being better is his success. Well how about you put Love on the Mavs and Dirk on the T-Wolves, then see who has more success. Dirk has a lot more talent around him which allows him to get more open looks. You also use the excuse that Dirk has knee problems. Well that's just another reason why Love is the better PF.

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    Because we are living in the now. This very moment, Love, Blake, and Lamarcus have all had a better season. IF you're, then people will see it. IF not, we will see it. We are playing the wait, and see game.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    LOL damn dude, you love sucking dirk's d1ck don't you. I respect what Dirk did LAST SEASON but it was last season. He's not doing as well this year. Plain and simple. Love > Dirk. Now stop being biased and sucking his d1ck.

  • J
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    8 years ago

    Kevin Love is the best pf

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    na dawg. youre so biased it's ridiculous.

    brahhhhhh, come on now. he's great. i will give him that. but he's not the best pf in the game. he had ONE good playoff run and now he's a god? Mavs 1st round exit is likely

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