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Why are people just now getting hyped up about KONY?

This has been going on for 30 years and a lot of these "supporters' didn't care then but as soon as a video about it goes viral, they care all of the sudden. Plus i have heard that Kony really hasn't been doing anything for about five years. People are getting a little out of hand about this, someone said that we should send our army over there <.< Hope they realize that would involve us killing the children that we're trying to save.

And before anyone says it: I am not saying that Kony isn't a bad person, nor am I saying that the issues over there are unimportant. I'm just saying this stuff has been going on for about half a century \ but people are acting like this just started 2 weeks ago


Hey i'm american :P and you can't tell me that you didn't know that this kind of stuff happened in Africa? There's no way people didn't know about this, there have been hundreds of commercials about this sort of stuff. 90% of these "supporters" didn't care until that video went viral (bandwagon)

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    Because just recently oil has been discovered in Uganda. Kony has being doing same thing in other countries in Africa: South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, etc. for over 25 years, but now they decided to focus on that issue. Apparently US knew long before what he was doing, but the US needs a supply of raw materials (oil), and they need an excuse to send their army there and "help" the helpless people of Uganda. Same reason they were at war with Middle Eastern countries for a while now. A few years ago I attended a workshop with a business man or someone who knew how the business/industries work (can't remember who he was tbh), but he explained how Gap works, and he said that what US does is lend it's hand and help out 3rld world countries or countries in need, in return for the country's resources or employees. So, after they pay money to help restore some city or town or what ever, they ask for the money back (but because they are a poor country they instead settle down on raw materials and resources, or set up sweat shops and have the citizens work for little to no income). The organization that created the advertisement video ("documentary") uses emotion provoking story of one kid from Uganda (who was captured by the LRA and who's brother was killed by the same army) and a child to manipulate the viewer to feel sympathy and need to help the victims in Africa, etc. Just basically manipulating the viewer through emotional manipulation. The 'documentary" also targets teenagers (who want to make a difference in the world, who want to be heard and taken seriously and who are emotional and dedicated to their beliefs) to support their campaign, saying that you could make a change, you could be important, if you do this. Because most teenagers are hormonal and many people feel sympathy and apathy, they reacted the way they did. The main point of the video was to spread awareness, that's why they shared the video with their friends (through social media), and that's why the video became so popular. Did that make sense?

  • 1.These new found supporters did not know about Kony before the viral video.

    2. The LRA hasn't been in Uganda for roughly 5/6 years. However, they are still operating (abducting, raping, killing) in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

    3. America is sending non-combatant troups to help the Ugandan army (the strongest military in the area) to catch Kony and his top men. They are military advisors.

  • 9 years ago

    No one knew about him then they didn't take much notice and didnt see what he was doing, but if you have seen the you tube video a guy found out what he was doing and is spreading the word, some people may have known about it but had no guts to do anything about it

  • 9 years ago

    Cause americans are stupid kinda when it comes to this stuff and all just a bunch of followers...i personally dont give two shits bout kony maybe we should assasinate him?

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