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Help with my future please..... (a best answer will be chosen= 10 points)?

I'm almost 20, I work in a store part time at the moment and am really unsure about what I want to do in the future. I thought that I wanted to go to uni when I left college, but the course i'd be doing wouldn't really lead me into a job so I decided against it.

I have a mild bit of depression so I can't really see myself in a certain position in the future.

I love animals (no vet stuff though) and i'm an out-door kind of person

Does anyone have any suggestions what I could do?


I also like water activities

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    Forest Ranger or Fish&Game Warden?

    Hydrologist - water engineer?


    Environmental Engineer?

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    I would probably suggest something along the lines of being in Fish and Game, they have seasonal employee openings at different times. I really can't think of anything appropriate though, as a job is only worth doing if you enjoy the work and have a passion or interest for it, so it really is something you would have to decide on and not anyone on here.

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    You could train to be a horse-riding instructor (FUN) Trust me its the best job in the world and the horses are CUTEE but the downside is you have to change the food and clean the poo but even that can be fund if you hold your nose during the process

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