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Would a pixie cut look good on me?

I would like to get a pixie cut like Ginnifer Goodwins

I already have short hair it is in a layered bob style my hair has been short for most of my life except for about 2 years I hate myself in longhair short looks much better on me. I have dark brown hair and eyes about 5'5 110 lbs am 19 and have a heart shaped face small nose and mouth. My hair is very curly and is a little thicker. The main thing I am worried about is looking like a butch or lesbian I would like to know what others think based on my description whether I should get this pixie cut or not. Any suggestions for different hairstyles would be great but I will not go much longer than chin length

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  • 8 years ago

    i think that a good pixie cut would look amazing on almost any one, but to say yes or no for you i would probable need to see a picture, but i read online that pixie cut usually look better on some one with a heart shaped face so i would say yes, but like i said before i would need to see a picture to be sure.

    answer mine please


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  • You say your features are quite petite so i think this would really suite you, however it would be best to have straight hair for this look(:

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