if the US government was contemplating Operation Northwoods back in 1962..?

why are people who say 9/11 an inside labelled insane? The only difference was Kennedy rejected it. So if the country was capable of contemplating something like that before, why wont they be able to now...


nothing, if you noticed the word difference, i was referring to Kennedy rejecting Operation Northwoods.

Update 2:

@JSmooth, tats because its not about us. This is the list of companies that have benefitted from the war on terror, not included federal bankers.

Ocean Bulkships Inc. Iraq $5,000,000 USAID

Odebrect-Austin Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD

Outfitter Satellite, Inc. Iraq $33,203 DoD

Parsons Corp. Iraq $5,286,136,252 DoD

Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Iraq $43,361,340 DoD

Perini Corporation Iraq $2,525,000,000 DoD

Perini Corporation

Raytheon Technical Services Iraq $12,412,573 DoD

Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)

Iraq $173,965,104 USAID

Red River Computer Company Iraq $972,592.90 DoD

Research Triangle Institute Iraq $466,070,508 USAID

Ronco Consulting Corporation Iraq $12,008,289.60 DoD

S&K Technologies Inc. Iraq $4,950,384.80 DoD

Science Applications International Corp. Iraq $159,304,219 DoD

Sealift Inc. Iraq $4,000,000 USAID

Segovia Inc. Iraq $320,636 DoD

SETA Corporation Iraq $3,165,765 DoD

Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Iraq $3,050,749,910 DoD

Signature Scie

Update 3:

Signature Science Iraq $4,704,464 DoD

Simmonds Precision Products Iraq $4,412,488 DoD

SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Iraq $27,344,600 USAID

Smith Office Machines Corporation Iraq $2,961 DoD

SPARCO Iraq $9,215 DoD

Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Iraq $1,200,000,000 DoD

Stanley Consultants Iraq $7,709,767 DoD

Staples National Advantage Iraq $4,194 DoD

Stevedoring Services of America Iraq $14,318,895 USAID

Stratex Freedom Services Afghanistan $1,978,175 DoD

Structural Engineers Iraq $1,113,000 DoD

TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Iraq $7,200,000 USAID

Tetra Tech Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

Titan Corporation Iraq $402,000,000 DoD

Total Business Iraq $4,696 DoD

Transfair North America International Iraq $19,351 USAID

Triumph Technologies Iraq $228,924 DoD

Unisys Corporation Iraq $320,000 DoD

United Defense Industries, L.P. Iraq $4,500,000 DoD

USA Environmental Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Iraq $48,074,442 DoD

Ward Transformer Sales

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  • Hally
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    9 years ago
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    You make an excellent point. Stephen needs to go back and read your question again. Obviously, you're not tying Kennedy with 9/11. Maybe he should think before he types.

    Don't forget that we also perpetrated the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which falls in line nicely with Operation Northwoods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_of_Tonkin_incide...

  • Mark F
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    9 years ago

    Because Operation Northwoods - which was tame by any standard and yet stil rejected for obvious reasons - has nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11. There is no link of any kind between those events.

    "Because X happened (or didn't happen in this case) therefore Y must be true" isn't proof of anything.

  • 9 years ago

    Great question. Did you know that several of the military personnel killed in the pentagon where experts in the UAV field?

    Why were UAV experts working in closed off area of the pentagon??

    Does our military have the technology to overide the controls of a commercial airliner?

    Did you know that immediately after the 911 attacks, CNN published a list of those killed in the pentagon which included three UAV specialists? What's interesting is that several weeks later, all details on such military personell where changed to classified. In other words if you look at the list of peolple killed in the pentagon now, you will not find the details as to what each one's duties or titles where in the military.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Perhaps because its not 1962 anymore? Besides, did Operation Northwoods actually happen?

    You aren't insane, just dumb that's all. Why would we kill a bunch of our own people to justify invading someone, and in the end of the invasion we got no oil, no money, just a bunch of good dead americans and a lot of debt. The two things have no connection.

    If we want to invade a country, before Obama, did we ever ask for permission or feel a need to justify it to anyone? Yes it is retarded to think that crazy muslims are not capable of killing lots of infidels. Put on the TV one time and watch them in their natural state...or better yet draw a picture of their profit and walk around them and see how long before you are beheaded and your family is tortured to death. They aren't hard to provoke.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because this generation are even more brainwashed than their fathers. The people are like babies, and as long as the baby has it's bottle it's happy. The baby can't talk, the baby can't walk. The baby can't think for itself either but i'm a man and I know full well that Operation 9/11 was a US Government-led atrocity and included the likes of Larry Silverstein

  • 9 years ago

    God you are stupid.

    >why are people who say 9/11 an inside labelled insane? The only difference was Kennedy rejected it<

    Explain to me just what Kennedy had to do with 9/11?

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