Opinions on the name Iva?

What are your thoughts on the name Iva? (eye-vuh; the beginning of Ivy and the end of Ava)

I found it on my family tree and I love it! Any middle name suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Not bad at all... It's easy to pronounce, unique, uncommon and pretty.

    BUT since it's so short you need a longer girly middle name.

    Iva Marie

    Iva Elizabeth

    Iva Avalena (Ave-a-lee-nah)

    Iva Sofia

    Iva Roslyn

    Iva Grace

    Iva Mariana

    Iva Sussannah

    Iva Claire

    Iva Annabel

    Iva Seraphina

    Iva Sloane

    Iva Adrianna

    Iva Ariana

    Iva MaKenzie

    Iva Christine or Iva Christina

    Iva Anastacia

    Iva Rose

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Iva is a very nice name. Sweet, simple and easy to say by global audience (in case she grows up into an international star)

    Other names- Ira, Isha, Ina

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