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How to change Graphics on laptop from Intel HD to Nvidia?

i know it should be done that:

Go to control panel, system, device manager. Click "display adapters" and your nvidia should be in that list. If it isn't, it was installed improperly before you bought the computer. If it is there, just double click the intel adapter, under driver tab disable the intel graphics and enable the nvidia. Restart, uninstall the nvidia drivers if there's any there,restart again, download the appropriate up to date drivers, and install them. Restart again. You always want to remove any traces of old drivers and restart before you install new ones.

But then i disable intel, then it gives me black screen like i got no videocard,

help please?


Also, videocard won't switch automatically then i open a game, it only uses intel hd, and it sucks...

Update 2:

videocards are intel HD and Nvidia 520MX, also when i bought this laptop, it had no nvidia drivers installed,

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    9 years ago
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    If you are 100% sure that your laptop also has a dedicated nVidia 520MX graphics card, please install and update the proper graphics drivers for your nVidia 520MX card.

    For detailed laptop specs, go to your manufacturers support website (HP, Dell, etc, whatever laptop brand you have), or just do a Google search for your exact model number laptop specs. Example: Acer Aspire 5349-2592 specs. Looking over the detailed specs will let you know for sure what graphics are actually installed in your laptop.

    Best place to get the appropriate graphics drivers needed would also be your manufacturer support website. Look for driver downloads for your exact model laptop (Example: Acer Aspire 5349-2592 or Toshiba Satellite A305-S6905 or whatever your laptop model is)

    The only other option (but not the best) would be to look for drivers on nVidia website for that exact model of mobile graphics chip, or for the model family in question.

    Until you do that, the laptop will only be able to use the low end Intel HD integrated graphics, for lack of proper nVidia graphics driver. Disabling your integrated Intel HD would only result in a black screen, as no other graphics solution is available for graphics rendering and display.

    After the nVidia graphics driver is properly installed and working, you could totally disable your Intel HD integrated graphics if you so desire, or just let your operating system decide which one to use, according to the tasks performed.

    Your operating system should automatically boost your graphics rendering for gaming, by using your dedicated nVidia graphics card.


    For almost all laptops, you cannot replace or upgrade the graphics (GPU) or the processor (CPU).

    In your case, the Intel HD integrated graphics, are powered by your Intel processor and use part of your system memory (RAM) to render and display graphics. There is no actual graphics socket connector on your motherboard, and also not enough physical space to add a dedicated (discrete) graphics card like nVidia GeForce or AMD/ATI Radeon.

    Even on laptops that do have a dedicated (discrete) graphics card like the above mentioned nVidia GeForce or AMD/ATI Radeon, that graphics card chip is just soldered onto the motherboard, thus it cannot be replaced or upgraded.

    It is the same with almost all laptop processors (CPU), they are also soldered onto the motherboard.

    Very few expensive, high end laptops will have the graphics card on a Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) socket and the processor (CPU) also mounted on a CPU socket.

    Even for those, the upgrade or replacement is very hard to do, as you will need to literally take the whole damn thing apart just to get to that MXM graphics socket or to the CPU socket. Also, due to limited physical space inside the laptop and limited available power supply, the possible upgrades are very few, if any.

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    4 years ago

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  • 5 years ago

    Disable Intel Hd Graphics

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    You shouldn't be trying to disable the integrated graphics, thats where you are going wrong.

    If you have a laptop with dedicated graphics chip as well as the HD2/3000 integrated into a Intel sandybridge CPU then you don't disable the integrated chip as you would if using a dedicated graphics card in a desktop machine with a graphics chip integrated into the motherboard.

    If you are sure your laptop has an Nvidia chip as well as integrated Intel graphics then you should have a special driver utility [available from the manufacturers support site] that automatically switches between the two technologies. The Nvidia chip will automatically kick in if you are gaming, whilst the integrated Intel chip will be used to save power when the dedicated chip is not required.

    If the Nvidia chip is not automatically kicking in when you are gaming then check the settings in the driver utility or visit the laptop manufacturers support site to look for updated graphics drivers.

    as you have a laptop you cannot use the drivers posted on Nvidia's site, only those from the laptops manufacturer [as they are customised]

    As you give no details on your make, model or hardware this is the most focused advice you can get.

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  • 5 years ago

    Click Start and then Control Panel. ...

    Double-click NVIDIA Control Panel.

    Click View and next Add "Run with graphics processor" Option to Context Menu. ...

    Right-click the application title and select Run with graphics processor.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    you can't change laptop graphics if you have nvidia circuitry( they don't have cards) it is using an intel driver

  • Le
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    9 years ago

    Nvidia is not used in conjunction with Intel HD, only Intel. Is this a cuda card? You cannot disable the Intel, the Nvidia comes into play with 3d graphics, you CAN swith that one off to conserve power etc. Why not do a factory reset, assuming your recovery partition is there, or you have the disks. Often, despite Nvidia offer a unified driver, it may NOT be compatible. Best to get graphics driver from manufacturers web site.

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    ain't no such thing. you got to deal with the dame intel graphics. you wanna change? you should probably be thinking of buying a new laptop.

    peace out...

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    6 years ago

    How To Install Automatically Driver On Windows 7 / 8 / Vista / XP -

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    9 years ago

    You can't. And disabling the Intel could possibly cause problems. Read up on Optimus technology. They both work together to save power.

    When the system needs heavier graphics processing it will use the Nvidia otherwise its throttle and normal graphics will use the Intel .

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