What fashion designers/articles of trend are hot with ages 20-35 in the UK?

Here in the U.S., I'd say Nixon watches, Ben Sherman clothing (for the older ones like me who care about classic design), Kangol Hats are pretty desirable.

Uggs Boots won't seem to die, plaid and more plaid -- totally a fanatic of, whether be surfy shirts or coats or shoes or scarves....pillows, curtains, can't get enough plaid. Don't know why, can't stop.

Haviana's flip flops (overpriced in this friggin country -- hold on to that purchase when you visit Brazil), Hurley, Billabong, Quicksilver and Roxy, they're safe in the surfer sense. For that matter I suppose Vans are making a come back.

Everyone's got gauges in their ears now adays, but these kids have un-pretty plugs, they have the capacity to be really tribal, but now that I've moved to the far west coast others have never seen my gauges which are ornate, like black swans, or coral that curls not in a nautalis fashion, but organic.

Totally tired of tattoos on yuppies. Pin stripe suits on men (tailored tailored) are hot as hell...

Maybe it's because I'm 35, but I think teenagers have gotten so lame today. They can't do anything, except for that long "hair in the face" thing which looks like its on it's way out. Other than that, they dress in crap at TJ Maxx -- left over Ed Hardy, Fat Farm, KSwiss, all that hip hop crap. Other than the skin tight jeans which I wish would make a move -- can't even dance in that skater-chic crap.

Barf on my friggin head if Croc's stick around much longer, Bozo Junk -(omg, I just puked a little in my mouth).

Diane Von Furstenburg is fabuous when I can afford it which is usually in the corner of a second-hand shop.

I still occasionally wear my Doc Martins still, the clown shoe ones. I like stuff that stays around a 100 years.

Seriously though, are your folks just repeating the 80's? The boring part?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Belts are always the thing here,

    but for all ages!

    Skinny jeans.

  • 4 years ago

    india is a land of diversity,every state has diff climate and people dress accordingly. the best way is to find a good friend and go shopping with her,and dont worry indians are very humble people so you'll never find any problems....bye

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