Fantasy/scifi/ especially some bit of horror fiction?

books related to "Sweet Miss Honeywell? It was a horror fiction book. Really good, but I don't know other books that are horror scifi related, you know, the usual.

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    I haven't read Sweet Miss Honeywell, but I do know just a few horror scifi books:

    The Tommyknockers, by Stephen King (for some reason, this book scared the hell out of me. More than once, almost shivering, i actually set it down and considered whether or not i should continue reading for fear that i might not fall asleep for the rest of the night. A lot of people apparently didn't like it...and i have no idea why. It's amazing! It's smart, it's inventive, the characters are incredibly real, the story is interesting and unique. You could call it an alien ghost story, in a way. I highly suggest it!)

    Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King (yes, they're both by Stephen King, but there's a reason for that, haha! This one also scared me, but not nearly as much as The Tommyknockers. This one is a wide range of genres, part plague in some ways, part horror story, part scifi/alien story. It's really awesome, a little deeper as far as friendship themes go other than the fact that this story seems not to actually have a clear theme, which is awesome! I don't know which of the two, between these suggestions, i liked better)

    I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson (this one isn't much on the sci-fi side of things, but it was put under the sci-fi section of my bookstore for god knows why. It still an absolutely amazing book! I can't really describe it...i just wish they'd make a movie about it that actually followed it, because it would be SO...MUCH...BETTER)

    Ghost Story, by Peter Straub (again, not so much sci-fi, more horror, but an amazing one at that! This and I Am Legend are among my favorite horror novels ever, as they are what they say they are: horror novels. Ghost Story takes a very interesting look at the traditional idea of a ghost story, and makes it believable in some ways, with vivid, realistic characters and such, and...well, it's hard to explain! It's a great, engaging read!)

    Hope you like these!


  • 9 years ago

    Cell by Stephen King

    The Labyrinth by John Saul

    Fog by James Herbert

    Guests by Bentley Little

    The Tommy Knockers by Stephen King

    Coma By Robin Cook

    All these authors have some great horror titles. Take a look at the link below and you will find more books in Horror and you can go to sci fi from there too.

  • 9 years ago

    across the universe by beth revis

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