Wiping my hard drive and installing a linux OS, do I have it right?

I've been asking all day on here and been all over google and everywhere, so let's see if I learned anything.

I want to wipe the hard drive completely on my desktop and install the Fedora linux OS. I don't want to keep my old OS. I want to wipe everything and start fresh. So first I would have to get a DBAN and put it on a disk and fire up my computer, then go to the boot menu and tell it to boot up from the CD-ROM, and that would wipe everything, then restart with a disk that has Fedora on it and tell it to boot up with that to install the new OS. Right?

Then I have a netbook that needs a new OS. (When I turn it on it says "Operating System not found"). But it doesn't have a disk drive. So I would have to put Fedora on a flash drive I guess and start it up with that.

Do I have all this right? And if not, please give me DETAILS on what I am doing wrong. I want to be sure before I start.

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Thank you

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  • rico
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    8 years ago
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    I suggest LinuxMint 12.. But if youre heart is set on fedora so be it.

    Basically you just need to burn the ISO onto a bootable disk DVD/CD whichever or use UNETBOOTIN and burn it on a jump drive (make sure your computer/netbook is able to boot from jump drives in the bios FIRST)

    Boot to the disk. And follow the install directions to do a clean format/install. You can also use Diskpart (if you use linux mint on the live cd) to format the drive etc.. But im sure they have a setup option to clear everythingand install it. :) Pretty easy peasy really :)

  • 8 years ago

    You have it about right. But it is easier and simpler than you describe. Rico, above, is quite correct.

    When you boot from CD/DVD/USB, the Fedora installer will notice that you have a reserved disc partition, where the other OS resides. It will report the situation and give you an options for what you might want to do:

    (a) Blow all the partitions away and give the whole drive to Fedora.

    (b) Let Fedora install itself in some unused empty space, keeping the other OS intact.

    (c) Let Fedora use one of the partitions, erasing whatever is there now.

    Fedora is awesome.

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  • Penny
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    4 years ago

    Start the Linux install and you should be able to remove/create the partition or format the drive before Linux is installed.

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