Hes black , i'm white. my parents just don't understand?

hiya , i'm a white female. i'm 15. the boy that i've been talking too is 17, hes not my race , he's black. but that doesn't matter too me at all. i really like him we have been talking all year. hes a senior though , we REALLY like each other , everyone at my school knows we "talk" he so sweet. he treats me better then anyone<3 he is the quoter back of the football team, (No hes not a cocky dude) hes funny, sweet,romantic, smart. he means the world too me, hes very talented. his baseball couch said hes going too go far ether in football, or baseball. he makes the front page of the news paper ever week !

anyways, so i haven't talk my parents about him... i snuck out my house last weekend too go too a party with him, no we didn't have sex or anything. we drunk some beer, but then we layed down and talked the whole night and kissed, he told me he cared about me. and all that , (: well, i wrote a note in school too give too my friend.. and it said EVERYTHING on it.. well, i forgot too give it too my friend and it fell out my pants pocket my i didn't know , and my mom read it..... i didn't know she read it until a week later, she told me she read it.... well my sister just called me she was kinda mad. she said shes going too read that note my mom found when she comes too stay this weekend.. and im scared. i know they are going too be asking me a million questions. well i wasn't that scared because my mom didn't know who i snuck out with.. i mean it had his name in it... but she didn't know it was a older black boy.... until she got the NEWS PAPER! Look there, he was FRONT PAGE. -___-

well, she didn't tell me she knew he was black. my sister told me that my mom seen his pictures. i wonder why she isn't saying anything ? shes being normal ? weridddd. anyways, i KNOW this weekend we are going too have a BIG talk, they are going too ask me about him and what we did... ima say we just kissed. and yes, i DO LIKE HIM.. (BTW, my sister dates a black boy, she also had a mixed baby at 16) but my mom told me she would kill me iff i dated someone out of my race...

Ughhh ! well , ima be honest. ima tell her that i love him. and i dont care about care, and she shouldent ethier ! HELLO her GRANDAUGHTER is mixed !!!! gosh they need too wake up , and relize teenagers dont care about color anymore!!

but... i hopee she don't get mad. (i know she will)

she better NOT take him from me, no matter what she wont stop be from liking black boys. but i dont care about no one but him, all i want is him, i hope she understands and put all her racism aside and let me be happy </3

i need help , what too do ? i just wanna run away with him and be happy. knowing my mom i'll probley be Grounded ffor life... no computer , no phone.. go too school.. and STRAIGHT home! and she wont let me see him ? i hope she understands.. its a 50 50 chance here.. i dont wanna blow my chance of explaining how i feel about him !! i think she should met him ! she would see what a great guy he is... ! i dunnno , im lost...hurt... and confused.. oh lord i hope she dont tell my dad! ahaha, thats going too be hard telling him.... CRAP , i need help !!!!!!! ASAP !

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    9 years ago
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    you should really keep a question a lot shorter... no one wants to read a biography.

  • 9 years ago

    A lot of parents say extreme things just to keep their kids from doing it for a while! But when the child actually does it, the parent if fine with it! :)

    Did your sister relationship with a black boy turn out well? If not, that could be a reason your mom is hesitant about you dating a black boy too!

    Dont run away, with giving her a chance to state her opinon...Remember! Thats what you want for him, a chance! So dont be a hypocrite, and give your mom one!

    good luck with the talk!! :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tell your parents that you want him! He's funny sweet, kind, and athletic! Tell them he's a great guy, and that you're sorry you didn't tell them about him!

    Make sure they understand your emotions.

    Go get em'

    Bye :)

  • 9 years ago

    Interracial sex will cause death

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