Any good nonfiction books?

Hi and I have a book project due in a couple weeks and the book I picked out wasn't really interesting so I want to get a easier book to read and it has too be at least 200 pages. Also this is nonfiction so please tell me that and I want a story that involves a man or women or child making a difference in the world like maybe stopping a battle or making a new invention.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ooooh~~ I so love nonfiction book! But since I'm in Indonesia... I don't know if you can find these or not in your countries but these were all very good!

    These were some of my favorite that fits to your requirement (I think?) and that have the higher probability to be published in your country ^^

    1. Behind Closed Doors (#Jenny Tomlin)

    -- this tell about Jenny's friends that give inspirations of their toughness and survival in life --

    2. Not Alone (#Jenny Tomlin)

    -- this tells about her life and how she survive her life --

    3. Totto-chan's Children (and her first book) (#Tetsuko Kuroyanagi)

    -- Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (UNICEF) go to a good-will journey for children all over the world --

    4. Left to Tell (a survivor but effect the world, I think)

    -- it sets in Rwanda and how she survive in the battle there --

    5. I was born 500 grams and blind (#Miyuki Inoe)

    -- a girl who's born 500 gr and blind but survive and become an inspiration for many --

    6. A Mother Like Alex (#Bernard Clark)

    -- a woman that take care of children with down-syndrome --

    Etc~~ maaaany other ^^

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