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How does Jane react to Thornfield?

I have to write an essay, due tomorrow and the topic is how do gothic elemtns in Jane Eyre help readers see more of janes personality. such as the red room shows how she hates those who harm her or how she is obedient when rochester tells her what to do when mr. mason is bit. I need to know how Thornfield, desolate settings in general show more of Jane's personality. Thanks!:D


My teacher said i should be able to find Janes reaction right before Rochester arrives for the first time.

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    Jane feels like a loner, which is why an empty house suits her very well. Mr. Rochester is also a loner by nature, which is why he retreats to Thornfield when society life becomes too much. Jane and the rest of the household are very surprised when Mr. Rochester decides to invite guests for a stay at Thornfield because it is such a lonesome and desolate place and very out-of-character for a place where people go to hide from the world.

    There is also the parts where the house changes in appearance. When Rochester comes back for the party, he has the whole house spruced up and shining and also makes Jane wear her best clothes and sit out in public for all to see. Then, when Jane finds out the secret in the attic and she feels broken and wretched, we find out later that the house ends up the same way, scarred and in ruins.

    Update to your additional details:

    You could talk about Jane's bravery in going to an unknown place, especially when it is a very strange and haunting place like Thornfield. She also knows not to judge a place by outward appearances. Mrs Reed had a very nice house, but the people inside were cruel and terrible. Thornfield was creepy on the outside, but full of warm and friendly people on the inside (excluding the attic). At Thornfield, Jane felt respected which is why she was so content to live there, even before she met Rochester.

    Source(s): Jane Eyre is my *favorite* book.
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