neighborhoods watch groups will change?

after what happened they will be new laws

you can only call in whats happening you can not be on the same block as the person

they may make a law that you can sue that person or watch group and or that block or area

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    8 years ago
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    there are rules on what you can and cannot do on watch groups he was way out of line. this is why people are stating that he should have been locked up. you are not allowed to carry a gun, your not suppose to follow a person but only give where abouts and how they look. the only time you intervene is when property is being invaded or person is in danger of life. but he lied 2x on 911 call if you listen very close he stated the kids was coming to him then that he was also following the kid. the kid had a soda in a large cup from a gas station and skittles. Hmm, sounds like a gun or what? now the whole time this kid was on the side walk and was shot in the street. yelling for help witnesses stated this is what they heard. you can here this on internet radio from that area.

    now if he was coming to the man how then was the man following him? if he had a large drink cup it is purely seen even in the dark. if he had a gun you'd think he would have fired it or faced him and shot or just be seen so where was the mans flash light. it is a state law requirement for neighbor hood watch. so now who's life was he threatening.

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  • kendle
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    3 years ago

    As all of us understand, the police, the 911 operator, and the president of the yank community Watch association have all pronounced that Zimmerman replaced into to no longer positioned on a gun as a member of the community watch committee and replaced into to no longer chase after or interrogate everybody in his community. He replaced into meant to observe for suspicious interest and record it to the police. He did no longer do his job.

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  • 8 years ago

    that area

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