Atheists, how did the universe start?

I haven't heard any of you prove the Big Bang Theory yet. I'm curious as to what you think started all of this. You obviously don't believe in creationism. I just want to know your view on this, no need for trolling answers like "You're retarded" or whatever else.


I don't believe in thor -_- I'm not ignorant, i know science is real. I don't reject almost any of it. I only reject the idea of evolution and the big bang theory. There is a mutual bond between God and science that can be agreed with.

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  • mayol
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    How Did The Universe Start

  • "I haven't heard any of you prove the Big Bang Theory yet."

    That's because we're not astrophysicists. Go talk to Stephen Hawking.

    "I'm curious as to what you think started all of this. You obviously don't believe in creationism."

    The Big Bang Theory traces the universe back to a singularity. At a singularity, the laws of physics no longer apply. In other words, science makes no claims as to what came 'before' the singularity or even at the point of the singularity. I used the word 'before' in inverted commas because space AND time began with the singularity.

    If you want to claim... 'maybe God created the singularity'... go ahead. It's as valid a claim as any other.

  • Andy W
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    8 years ago

    By bending the rules of science.

    It is theorized that the universe was infinitely hot and infinitely small (that is, without mass) before the Big Bang. That's pure energy. Let anyone create matter from energy, Einstein's equation notwithstanding, then think about doing it on the scale of the universe.

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  • The big bang appears to have happened, should it ever appear not to have happened then the idea will be abandoned. This is called being honest.

    How did the universe start? I've no idea, Hopefully more investigation will give us a good answer.

  • Rob
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    8 years ago

    They will find the "god" which is actually named Higgs-Boson particle on DEC 21 2012 and at that point will cause all of reality to cease to exist and form a new universe which will have the same questions and problems we have now over the course of billions of years. I didn't say you're retarded as you requested

  • Tomo
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    Pixies did it.

    Absolute proof is a concept of mathematics, everything else is to a point beyond reasonable doubt, Big Bang Cosmology has reached this point and is supported by large amounts of evidence. The big bang was a quantum event and cause and effect do not always apply in the quantum world. We may never know what "happened before" this event, but I for one am content to admit we do not know.

    I assume you however are content to accept magic and posit a supernatural entity that must be more complex than the universe it has supposed to have created, yet strangely needs no explanation of its origins.

    So "magic" or "we don't know" ...... I'll go with "we don't know" and argue that neither do you.

    "I don't believe in thor"

    - - - Why not?

    "I only reject the idea of evolution and the big bang theory."

    - - - Because you don't understand it? Or because it doesn't agree with your religious world view? Either way, your ignorance or willful rejection of the theories has absolutely no impact on the veracity of such.

  • 8 years ago

    Because we don't understand fully.

    But how does us not knowing what caused all this prove the existence of a God, or does it make it plausible that one exists.

    That we don't understand things is in no way any proof of a deity whatsoever. Otherwise I hope you understand what thunder implies, otherwise you should start believing in Thor too.

    After additional details:

    So actually you are saying, I believe peer reviewed evidence, but only when it suits me.

    That's just ignorant, it's like saying "I believe that water exists, but I don't believe in oceans"

  • 8 years ago

    Why are you asking atheists? Do you think all atheists are cosmologists?

    You have the whole of the internet at your fingertips to research the current thinking on the origin of the universe.

    Source(s): atheist who doesn't know how the universe started.
  • Vixen
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    maybe the universe didn't have a "start" maybe rime never begines and ends, or maybe time is circular. i am not a fan of the big bang theory either, but i am not a top notch scientist.

    if asking how the universe started is a valid question, then asking how god was created is also valid.

  • 8 years ago

    Go ask a theoretical physicist, they would know more about it than me. As an atheist its not up to me to prove the big bang, that's science's concern. If you are genuinely interested, read a science book.

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