How much would a Ryan Seacrest autograph sell for?

About 3 years ago I got an autograph from Ryan Seacrest and I have a certain item I want to buy and thought maybe I'd sell my autograph? What is the highest you think someone would pay for it?

It says "Lily you are my idol - Ryan Seacrest"

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since Ryan Seacrest put your name in the autograph its going to be really hard to sell it. The name "Lily" is very uncommon so not many people have it. If someone does have the name Lily or is a huge fan of Ryan Seacrest they will purchase it. You can see how much Ryan Seacrest autograph's are by searching for them on If that autograph signing is on a microphone Ryan Seacrest once used that will be sold in a minute and could be up to thousands of dollars. There are some that are up to $1,000 and there are some that go up to $5.00. It all depends. Good luck.

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