Please help on dihybrid crosses? (:?

Hi ! Can anyone help me on these dihybrid crosses?

1. In cattle, polled (P) (hornless) is dominant over horned (p) and black (B) is dominant over yellow (b). What will be the condition of the offspring from several matings of pure breding polled black bulls with horned yellow cows? When these are permitted to inbreed (mated with one another) and from a considerable number there are 18 polled black cattle. How many horned black should there be, assuming an ideal ratio?

2. A drug, phenlythiocarbomide (PTC), can be tasted by about 680 out of every 1000 people; others cannot taste it at all.Those whose taste it are called casters. Those who cannot taste the drug are said to be taste-blind. Tasters have a recessive gene. An albino man who is a taster and has a taste-blind mother, marries a normallt pigmented taste-blind woman whose father is an albino taster. What types of children might this couple expect?

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    I can't.

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