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Foundation routine that won't sweat off? Using clinique foundation?

I need some help with a foundation routine that won't sweat off since I have PE at school. I have combination skin and acne,large pores, and scars. I use the clinique acne solutions skin care kit which includes moisturizer and I also use the acne solutions foundation . Could you give a step by step makeup routine suitable for school? Feel free to add any products besides the ones mentioned above.

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    First start with a clean complexion in the morning, then you apply some oil-free face primer. Once that settles , you apply your foundation as usual (concealer is optional).

    After applying your foundation it's important to set it with face powder (translucent or colored, your choice) BUT do not "Swirl" the brush around your face once you pick up powder. Swirling the powder brush around your face removes some of the foundation rather than putting any powder on.

    Instead, you should tap your brush twice after picking up product, and gently press it against the face, slightly twisting the brush each time you press, and pat lightly to blend. If you feel like the powder is a little heavy, THEN lightly swirl the brush around the area.

    You should carry some Oil-blotting sheets to school. Once you're done with P.E, use the blotting sheets on any sweat/oily areas and simply apply a bit of powder :)

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    put a oil free face primer on frist before the make up and then set it with a transparent power at the end two and that should stay on all day

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    i use dinair airbrush makeup and they have a line called paramedical thats waterproof so it doesnt come off when i sweat or even when i swim...its amaizng! ive been using their makeup for a long time now and its honestly the best makeup ive ever used...i hope i helped in some way =)

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