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Can you help me analyse the unseen poem 'Grandfather' by Susan Hynkow?


I remember

His sparse white hair and lean face…

I remember

His blue-veined, calloused hands.

Long gnarled fingers

Stretching out towards the fire –

Three fingers missing –

Yet he was able to make model yachts

And weave baskets.

Each bronzed autumn

He would gather berries.

Each breathing spring

His hands were filled with flowers.

I remember

Worshipping his fisherman’s yarns*.

Watching his absorbed expression

As he solved the daily crossword

With the slim cigarette, hand rolled,

Placed between his lips.

I remember

The snowdrops.

The impersonal hospital bed.

The reek of antiseptic.

I remember, too,

The weeping child

The wilting daffodils

Laid upon his grave.

(an extract from the poem Grandfather by Susan Hrynkow)

A few points of analysis is perfectly fine. Thanks :]

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    It's a poem about the speaker remembering his/her (a child's) grandfather with specific and concrete images. Pretty straight forward.

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