Where can I find critiques/reviews/ratings on scientific (bio) papers?

I know about Pubmed already, and perhaps the number of citations can indicate whether the paper is good or bad. I know there are good scientific journals like Cell, Nature, and Science, but even papers published in these journals aren't perfect. A lot in fact have rather iffy data. But is there such an online site where people can write their thoughts and reviews of papers they've read? I feel if I can read such reviews I can improve on my critical reading.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Unfortunately, I can't say I am personally familiar with the kind of sources you're looking for, but maybe I can make a helpful suggestion. The closest I can think of might be "James Randi Educational Foundation". They provide critiques of some research and allow for comments from readers. They tend to focus on paranormal research and claims, but what the techniques that are demonstrated can be applied to other areas.

    I've found alot of information about how to read more critically (technique, not so much direct practice) by using such search terms as "hueristics," "critical thinking skills" "skepticism" and similar. "Bologna detection kit" also gives alot of helpful ideas. Of course, from there you'll have found many more useful terms.

    Hope I could help. The world needs more critical thinkers (some areas need more than others:)

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    9 years ago

    should be good.

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