Why does my boyfriend criticize me?

My bf and me have been together 3 years about a week ago we broke up because I was tired of him asking where I was all the time demanding me to call or text him making me feel guilty about going out and cursing at me. After about a week I decided to take him back it didn't take long for the old him to come back. It started with him calling me when he get out of school regardless if I was out or not he call then demand I go home to talk to him and if I didn't he would just stay on the phone and if I hu he would call back immedially. Then last night on webcam he was making me feel guilty again about seeing titanic in movies saying it was a waste of money and to shut up about out because he didn't want to hear about it anymore, he also got mad that I would be going with my mom and aunt saying I hang out with my family to much and its not normal. Then he proceeded to ask why all the guys I like are ugly aka leonardo dicaprio zac efron and bradley cooper, he said I must go for all ugly guys with big noses since I'm a jew and that's what I like with that I got off webcam and then when he called he was clearly texting someone while I was talking once I was done talking he was like you done I said yes he said night 2 times finally I answered him back he said good girl like I was a dog and hung up why does he do that to me?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Stacey Starr, I guess three years is a long time for a relationship. And it was declining anyway. But unfortunately this guy wants to stay in your life. I say unfortunately, because now he's trying to control you and your actions. When you did take him back, he reverted to his old ways. What did you expect to happen. He's not going to change after three years, and it's foolish if you try to change him. He's moaning about you going out with your family, he tells you you're wasting money, he's disrespecting your religion, I mean how much more do you need in a boyfriend. He's a total loser. So when you did answer him back, to him he's won a round in the control stakes, that's why he said good girl. And he does it purely to try and control what you do. So I guess you know just what I would say to you. You find yourself a guy that you can go out with, and have fun with, and doesn't want to control you.

    I wish you happiness.

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    8 years ago

    Hes an a*s. Some guys just have that personality type. Really jealous and controlling. If you don't like it, stay away from him.

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