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How much do you pay for health insurance?

How are you covered? Through your employer, self-employed, Medicare or Medicaid?


We pay over $700 a month in private insurance. We have a $3500 deductible. We recently retired and cannot get a less expensive insurance because we have a pre-existing conditions. We are looking forward to being on Medicare. I am curious to see what others pay and how they get their insurance.

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    My family lives in Orange County California, a place where real estate is rather expensive. That said, my wife has been battling cancer (and battling our insurance company) for the past five years. Between her high risk insurance premiums and keeping up with all the things the insurance company denies, we spend more on health care every month than we do on our mortgage. $700 per month is cheap if you have a preexisting condition.

    Pluto C Rat is correct. We are getting completely screwed by a segment of our economy which benefits no one except the capitalists. Insurance companies don't add a penny of new wealth to our nation. Medical insurance companies are the worst. They employ people who's only job is to find ways to deny claims and identify life-saving treatments that aren't covered so they don't have to pay for them.

    The Affordable Care Act eliminates banning for preexisting conditions. We could shop for better rates but in California Anthem-Blue Cross has a virtual monopoly on medical insurance unless you want an HMO. I see value in most kinds of insurance but medical insurance has turned out to be the devil incarnate.

    I am self employed but I feel like I'm working full time for our insurance company.

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    If that is an individual policy with pre-existing conditions that is not bad for two. If you went to a state high-risk insurance plan it would probably be higher if you are around 60 years of age. In 2014 the ACA provision to cover all people regardless of current medical conditions takes effect.

    I am a dual eligible Medicare and Medicaid. However, my income is a couple hundred a month too high for full Medicaid and that makes my share of cost half of my income so it never kicks in. I rely on Medicare entirely and am in an Advantage plan which costs $99 a month and of course $99 a month for Part B. I have Extra Help for Part D which covers 25% of medications. I get no assistance from the state even though I have Medicaid because as I said my income is $300 too high.

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    I am not covered by anything. I was forced by a divorce to start social security at 62...but cannot start medicare until age 65 or disabled. I live on less than 500 a month.

    As of Sat, I am responsible for a 2000 mri for possible brain tumor. That is just the test. I guess if the Dr is right..then I can BE disabled and get medical assistance. If I do have that, and dont' get coverage, maybe I won't worry about making 65.

    If this country had national health care, this question would not even exist.

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    RE How much do you pay for health insurance?

    How are you covered? Through your employer, self-employed, Medicare or Medicaid?

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    I pay just over $39 for paperwork, I have a HSA with a high deductable, I have never had a better plan and what I don't use I get intrest on. My account is over 6 grand.

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    Blue Cross, the one agency that agreed to sell my wife a policy, gave a quote of $1,300 per month as my wife has Crohn's Disease, a genetic disorder she inherited through no fault of her own. She is not sick enough to quality for disability; as a result, we live in fear that our employment could cut back on our health insurance.

    We are two educated people who want to work and contribute, not be freeloaders. We have considered moving to a country with a more advanced system in this regard, such as Australia, Japan, Taiwan, France.

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    I'm covered by Medicare, Australia's socialised healthcare system, I pay a under $100 for anything that doesn't involve major surgery and my country pays less GDP for it.

    We have private insurance but you deal directly with the insurer and it has no connection with your employment.

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    I am self-employed and in an upper age bracket.

    Without talking about how much I make, I'll just say that I'm now paying about 25% of my income on health insurance. Yep.

    And if I hadn't had it, my recent cancer experience would have wiped me out.

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    I pay around $100.00 a month for HMO coverage through the company I work for.

    I'm one of the lucky ones, others are getting inhumanely buried in impossible debt by a system that KNOWS anyone will choose to live at any cost.

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