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Most Sones don't hate 2ne1 or Super Junior. So why do their fans make out like we do?


@Blah Blah How am i a troll? Super Junior is my favorite male group. I also like 2ne1 especially Bommie.

Update 2:

i meant some of their fans not all i apologize

Update 3:

@갬보스 I base this off of youtube, twitter, yahoo answers and facebook fan pages. Sometimes when i go to a 2ne1 or Super Junior video on youtube and leave a compliment, i get a lot of flak for invading their space when they recognize that i am a sone. It doesn't seem like that at all the other way around though. Us sones are welcome whenever a blackjack or elf leaves a positive comment on our MV's unless its happens to be intentionally derogatory.

Update 4:

@ProudYoonA I agree with your points. ForeverNineGirls and Sone4ever don't represent our fanclub.

Update 5:

@cindy No, it's not a personal generalization because i witness this on a weekly basis...that's why i'm asking this question. I interact with different sones on the internet everyday and i've never ran into one who had the intention of degrading any of these two groups other than those few famous trolls on youtube who disguise themselves as true sones.

Update 6:

@갬보스 I like your comments. Some of it was pretty funny.

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    You can't generalize people.

    EDIT: Where are you even basing this question off of?

    @Yoon: LOOOOOOL.

    ` "I guess most are jealous" <-- Again with that? That's not a valid reason. Plus, you don't know all of the fans. I hate when people use the "of they're just jealous" line. Makes it obvious how narrow minded one sounds.

    ` "...there are a lot of trolls on youtube that go on 2NE1 videos hating" <-- Every single video in the world, not just kpop has trolls. Justin Beiber for instance, has trolls 24/7 LMAO.

    "The few ELFs that I've seen who dislike SNSD, hate them because they beleive they're treated better than Suju." You better not be basing that off on just me. Just because I dislike them, means I automatically "hate?" LMAO. Anyway, I dislike for rational reasons. As if people "hate" on a group just because of the single reason of a group being treated better than the other. Oh please.

    @Calif: Smh. Your paragraphs are vacuous. Makes me want to vomit blood. What are you? 6? Your over exaggerated usage of emoticons and your inane reasoning decrease your credibility and drive your readers away. How about you stfu and gtfo.

    Edit: @Yoon: Just copy and paste haha.

    "I'm gonna be honest with you, whenever SNSD or 2NE1 wins an award, there's always complaints from the other side about how "___should've won"." LMAO. That's hilarious to see. That right there sparks a lot of "fan wars" hahaha. Mmm. Yeah, I've heard of that person "theforevernine." There was another one, I forgot, something about angels. She gave the worst "troll" comments such as "___ ARE PIG NOSED....__ IS better!" I can't even take those comments seriously. Those who do take those troll-lacking comments to heart are really pathetic.

    That "To Anyone" person lacks basic common courtesy. I don't hate or dislike her. I must be some sadist since I really enjoy seeing her butt-hurt. Hilarious.

    "She doesn't hate SNSD though....she just hates SM." <-- made me lol.

    Thank you for elaborating. Now everyone else can see what you meant~ ♥

    @TaeN: Well every fan base has its fans, trolls, antis, ect. There will always be those fans who are die-hard and who will bash others in order to make their group seem the best. Those kind of fans get butt hurt really easily and then get defensive.

    @Young Foolish: LOOOL THIS BlTCH. The ƒuck are you doing? "Because Sones tend be extremely rude, self righteous and most of them have superiority complex." "Lately I've been pissed off at VIPs for doing that." "Kamillias are the only ones who are calm and peaceful." The hell is wrong with people? Quit generalizing. What an embarrassing thing to post. Makes you look "foolish" and "young" like a typical 12 year old's intellect. Talk about "ƒucking ridiculous." "Fans" like you are the kind that I loathe. It's the whole reason we have sasaeng fans.

    @Proud: Our arguments are one of the best. However, "It feels good to be right" <-- lol. It is never established who is or is not right.

    @Blah blah: Gtfo and go blah blah somewhere else. All groups have trolls that make others look bad.

    @Cindy: LOL I like how at the end you type "^_^." I like your analytical approach at this. ♥

    @Young Foolish: And yet you continue to generalize and render my claims as facts about you. "Truth hurts doesn't it?" Dumbƒuck.

    @Proud: xD

  • 3 years ago

    Super Junior 2ne1

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not actually sure why people think that. I mean, I'm a SONE, BlackJack... and a bunch of other stuff, but I'm not the kind of person to hate, so I don't do anything.

    Besides, in my eyes... all kpop groups are amazing in their own ways.

    As for the fans, they probably think another group is popular than their favorite group, or that they think a certain group gets treated better than their favorite group, so they go hatin' on videos and such.

    Again, I'm not very sure, but... yeah, lol.

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    These are probably antis, not actual fans of SJ or 2ne1 who do this. SNSD has a "strong" anti fan presence online who spend a lot of time trying to make SNSD and sones look bad through facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. I think a lot of antis became blackjacks because the "official" reason Stand dislikes SNSD is because of their cute but "provocative" image. 2ne1 has a strong, "fierce" image which I think some of them preferred. And I think for Elfs it's mostly jealousy because for a long time it was mostly boy groups and all of the sudden 9 pretty girls show up and are promoted alongside them, of course these fans (primarily teenage girls) will dislike them.

    I'm talking about a FEW fans, most fans of kpop I've met tend to like several groups, not just one and I think these fans you''re talking about are mostly ANTIS who will not be pleased with anything, and go through great lengths to make sones look bad.

    Source(s): Just my opinion. I like 2ne1, SNSD and SJ. ^^
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    I don't understand why the need to ask such a question...

    I actually find it a bit wrong since your "question" was based on your personal generalizations only...

    I mean how would you or anyone really know that "MOST Sones don't hate 2NE1 or Super Junior"? since, in my opinion, nobody here can really speak or represent a whole fandom alone.

    The same thing with your query/phrase -> "so why do THEIR FANS make out like WE do?"

    I mean are u referring to me OR to every single SUJU or 2NE1 fan when you say "THEIR FANS"?


    are you referring to yourself or to SOME Sones OR to ALL Sones when you say "WE"?

    What's actually more mind boggling is the common observation that Califo(above) brought up...

    cos I have observed it myself and I now wonder if you notice or recognize it too...

    I mean don't you think it's quite interesting how even years before 2NE1 ever existed,

    some SNSD fans seem to be at serious wars already with a number of other fan clubs that some of it even made news in Korea.

    anyway, I kinda agree with the first comment... I also think this should be asked in other category.

    I still wish you luck though. Peace! ^_^

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    Because of youtube trolls. I mean you can't go through comments in a kpop music video without fanwars... its pretty ridiculous.. most of these trolls lurk around Super Junior , 2ne1, Wonder Girls vids and SOME of those trolls are self proclaimed "SONES".

    Honestly, snsd is fine with me.. they have catchy music, gorgeous girls, great fashion sense, but sometimes the fans scare me. SONES get too attached to their idol group.. and one comment and one criticism against snsd they get really defensive. But it's the same with Black Jacks too.. and ELFS

    Source(s): experience
  • 8 years ago

    Because Sones tend be extremely rude, self righteous and most of them have superiority complex.

    I've seen Sones in almost every kpop video I looked on youtube leaving some snobby remarks towards that other group.

    HOWEVER when it comes to crazy fan club ELFs are #1 because they drove girl to commit suicide.

    Sones not only bash other kpop aritsts but also foreign artists. That's why I hate when SNSD or any other group does a cover cause then some idiots go to the original version of the song and leave their words of stupidity.

    Lately I've been pissed off at VIPs for doing that, cuz Pixie Lott is doing a collab with GD&TOP.

    Also Sones take everything so damn seriously. If someone says that they don't like something about them - they are labeled as a hater, if they leave some criticism - they are labeled as an anti. For god's sake not everyone will love everything they do.

    Some fans should check their ego at the door.

    I've had my fair share of run ins with stupid Sones. Some of them even left me death threats on youtube.

    Most fan clubs are ******* ridiculous. Kamillias are the only ones who are calm and peaceful.

    * truth hurts doesn't it?

    Sones were idiotic prior to the "black ocean" , but they got even more idiotic after that happened.

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    I'm a former sone and i've seen TONS of fanwars between sones and black jacks. Sones would go to 2ne1 videos and bash them and praise snsd. I don't see black jacks do it in return as often, but they do talk about it on the videos. They seem really upset, which is why they talk bad about sones. Sones have also bashed other kpop groups (not all sones, but some of them.) Which is why fans from other fan groups look down on snsd fans.

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    The few ELFs that I've seen who dislike SNSD, hate them because they beleive they're treated better than Suju.

    2NE1 and SNSD ARE the 2 biggest girl groups so it's natural for the two fandoms to be competitive. I guess most are jealous and let's be honest, there are a lot of trolls on youtube that go on 2NE1 videos hating.

    @kyuhyun(use an english name!) First of all, you're not the only ELF that I've seen who dislike them for "being treated better". I'm the Vice-President of the "I love K-pop" club in my school. 3/4 of the people there are ELFs and they admit that it's "annoying" that SM treats SNSD better.

    I like 2NE1, I didn't mean they're jealous of their "looks" or "talent". It's just competetive. I'm gonna be honest with you, whenever SNSD or 2NE1 wins an award, there's always complaints from the other side about how "___should've won". That kind of jealous.

    Trolls on youtube are really popular like "theforevernine" person. She's a popular STAND and I've always seen her/him spazzing on other videos while never on any SNSD's and just like how "to anyone" annoys me, I'm sure "theforevernine" annoys other Girl Group fans.

    And I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used the word "hate" and here's a blog of one my awesome friends: She doesn't hate SNSD though, she just hates SM.

    And here's some other: (really, I see this all the time, comparing SNSD and Suju's hardwork, MVs, songs)

    Trust me, I'm an ELF too and I could never hate Suju and I totally understand where ELFs are coming from. I didn't say ELFs are wrong, I just explained why a lot of them dislike SNSD

    @kyuhyun it feels good to be right~ hahaha I like arguing with you :P

    @kyu hahaha alright we're both right ^___^(lol)

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    there is only some crazy amateur sones you know :O

    it is because of YOUTUBE.. look there is this very active group of SONES or let's just call them obsess fans trying to write their group name on every video and they trow the typical "i love this group but i think SNSD is better" :O .. yes that makes other people watch your group name but other fans are not happy to see other names in their videos specially if they say they are better haha so that's the trick those people will visit your MV's group just to put thumbs down but they will give you views too i dont even think SNSD needs that promotion SM spends lots its money promoting them

    there is this trick to get views for your group video -- how do i know this well that's a secret lol i used to be a SONE no a true sone just pretending and there is this crazy group they are my buddies but they dont know im not a SONE XD but i do like them even thou they are crazy

    the trick is 5 or more people goes to a other video and starts bashing the group some act like they are SONES and some act like they are the other group fans you are supposed to make them go watch the boys but that's stupid because you make other groups hate your group plus you get lot's of thumbs down ..why do u think the boys has so many thumbs down? this sones are like 10 years old btw

    ---- there is also anti kpop trolls they pretend to be a sone, Blackjack, ELF etc they usually use the name of a member as their nick or the name of the group ..but they usually troll alone so is hard to say when is a fan hating the other group or is a kpop troll

    SONES hate on Super junior, WG, 2ne1 and even other rookie groups

    2NE1 i only seen fights between SONES

    they were trying to make wars between VIP's and Blackjacks, and SUJU

    u can even see SOnes fighting with ELF's in 2ne1 videos

    like i said before that's because some ELF's like 2NE1 and Sones

    dont like this so they try to make wars between VIP's and Blackjacks

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