Axle solution for 4x4?

Alright i have this 82 silverado 10 now i want to rig this son of a gun up.I want to do a conversion not so much frame but most of the components axles,tranny of course etc.I just want to get familiar with axles.I want a 14 bolt and either a dana 40 or 60.I find 40s of course cheaper down here and easyier to get.Its not easy getting stuff here in tx preety limited and expensive.For gears i want either 4:10 or 4:56.Down here i probably wont find the good stuff i live on the border and these trucks are used as as work trucks.So in reality im looking for a 1 ton with a descent 12 bolt in rear and dana 40.I dont mind getting axles off a blazer or something totally different in fact its easyier and cheaper.I found a guy who wanted to sell his 6 lug 78 blazer axles with dana 40 and 12 rear with like 3:56 gears or something.I dont like the gears and it doesnt have a driver side shaft on driver side or hubs For 100 bucks.Guys what vehicles will work for me! And what you suggest!.And no i wont sell this truck id sell my leg first.


Money is issue acles need to be cheapo e pronto

Update 2:

Tires not to big just 35 nothing extrem on lift 4 to 7 tops

Update 3:

Truck is nothing extreme just casual but i want it to get job done

Update 4:

Thanks. Danny those are some heavy duty trucks

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  • 8 years ago
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    DO NOT get an axle out of a ford!

    The differential is on the wrong side!

    Chevy has a pass. side drop transfer case, so you need a pass side diff.

    There is NO Dana 40. You want a Dana 44 front. That will work with mild abuse.

    For heavy abuse / big tires, you NEED a Dana 60 front.

    Rear you should look for a 14 bolt Semi-floater, better yet...get a 14 bolt Full floater.

    They are unbreakable and have many more parts available for them if needed.

    You can get an axle out of a dodge if you need a Dana 60 front, but a little modification is needed.

    Don't waste your money on anything smaller that a 14 for the rear, you won't save much.

    Source(s): Belong to 2 4x4 clubs. wheel a 83 GMC 3/4 ton Had a guy out yesterday with 54" tires on ........& still buried it.
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  • 8 years ago

    It depends on how big and how big of a tire your wanting to run as to which axles would suit you best. If I were you I would try to find some 2500 axles so you don't have to try to match up lube lengths from other trucks to fit yours.You need to post what kind of lift you are wanting to go with and what size tires your gonna run.

    With what you just updated I would go with a 12 bolt and a Dana 40 if your just gonna wheel alittle. If your gonna hit some climbs and rocks step up to a Dana 60 and you should be pretty good. Make sure you put some good lockers in the Dana.

    you should actually be able to get some good solid axles out of a 77-79 ford F350. that will get you a 44 front and 60 rear. that will be pretty strong for puddle jumping for you. That is what I would look for. I had a 44 front and 60 rear in my YJ Jeep with 38's and I crawled alot with it and they were great and parts and good lockers were cheap. plus you get the posi with the 60

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