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How would an atheist console a kid with leukemia?

Would they say, "Well, kid, there is no god and every living thing is the product of random design. The one sperm out of the hundreds of thousands of sperm that fertilized the egg from which you later emerged was a random sperm. It was just unfortunate for you that that one sperm carried with it the leukemia with which you are suffering. If it was any other sperm, you'd be healthy or maybe suffering from some other genetic defect. It's all a matter of events completely out of our control; sometimes the dice fall in our favor, sometimes they don't. You just have to live with the numbers the dice gave you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."?

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    Hey, it's better than "God made everyone, so he must not have liked you very much"

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    Would a christian say "Well, it is God's will that you have leukemia, so your suffering is a good thing. Hallelujah!" No (well, most that I know wouldn't anyways). I don't think anyone would be so cruel to someone in that position. I think any atheist caregiver or friend would try to spend as much time with that kid as possible and make the last days of their life as comfortable and happy as possible. Just because I am an atheist and would like religious people to see the error of their ways and stop oppressing others, doesn't mean I would try to rip away faith from a dying individual. It is horrible and there is nothing gained from that at all.

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    Since we are putting words into one an others mouths,

    Would a christian tell this child that it was god will that they die?

    That their god created leukemia and so it was a judgment form that god?

    Or like an atheist show some compassion and listen to the child's fears and concerns addressing "them" vice preaching your "beliefs" while this child may be dieing.

    Leukemia in and of itself is not a death sentence as many are in remission. This is due to the intervention of fine doctors and the advancement of medical sciences and techniques.

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    You know, i'm spiritual in the sense that i believe theres a god but i dont think its necessary to follow a religion.....they all have different beliefs, but also discriminate based on those beliefs. And if god is god he wouldnt discriminate...i still havent decided though what i am, still technically christian/catholic, but that doesnt mean i believe in that.

    So i would tell the child to pray to to god in his/her own words asking to help......not say "our fathers" or "hail mary's" etc.. But im not stupid i know theres no way of knowing if that would really help, so as well as praying i'd just talk to the child, keep them company, play with toys with them (if they had enough energy to play), maybe read them a story.....but also make sure we pray to God, i wouldnt get into religion stuff, this is all spirituality...just asking god to help in any way possible, because i do believe theres a god.

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    I had a nephew that died from Leukemia, when he was just seven years old. The strange thing was, that he was the one who accepted it most easily, more easily then all the people involved. It was as if he had an inner peace and knew what his fate was, but wasn't afraid of it.

    He suffered a lot, with the many painful injections and spinal taps and things.

    But I think he was with God, all along, and so he was at peace, even while he lived.

    His mother, my sister.... was in a hospital, waiting to deliver him....of course, she didn't know he was a boy. (this was many years ago, they didn't know these things). While in her room alone, a small young boy walked into her room...he walked up to her and said, "My name is Gabriel, I bring you a message of your child, which is to be born. He will be brought into this world, a boy...and he shall live 7 years....God bless you and him" (or words to that effect).

    He left the room...and a few seconds later, a nurse came into the room. Sis asked the nurse, "who was that little boy, who was just here, and just now went out?"

    The nurse told her that there was NO little boy in the hallway, she would have seen him...

    Sis had Andrew, born that day....and Andrew lived 7 years. And died, from leukemia.

    You see, the Angel Gabriel already had some contact with Andrew, and so Andrew was at peace, although in pain. And to me, that means, that Andrew knew he would be in Heaven, even if no one told him about Heaven.....Of course, my sister did tell him about Heaven....but I think he already knew it.

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    I find it sad that people can assume such things about atheists.

    No. No humane person would console a kid like that.

    If you don't believe in what atheists believe in then fine. Just don't go around on the internet insulting our beliefs.

  • Anonymous
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    you are very weird - I would talk to the child about the things s/he wanted to talk about I dont have to address god or lack of it theres justin bieber and films and playing games pop songs and more general concerns i would do exactly as the child wanted to do and talk exactly about what they wanted to talk about and if they wanted to talk about spirituality I might suggest that I wasnt the best person to do that with and if they insisted I would talk of love as a force for good in the world and how much they were loved and how everyone would remember them as a loving child ( if they were actually dying leukaemia is pretty treatable these days.0

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    I wouldn't lecture him about random chance and the probability of death. I'd bring him some fun games, make him feel special, help him carry out some wishes.

    I don't spew science out of my piehole every chance I get just because I'm an atheist.

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    I am a theist, and I would not be able to console a kid with leukemia. If I was an atheist I would say, look at it this way kid, soon it will all be over.

  • 8 years ago opposed to what? God wants you to die for a reason? Oh, and by the way you haven't been worshipping God in the correct way so after you die he is going to torture you for eternity for no fault of your own.

    Atheist does not equal unfeeling.

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    I'm not going to give them false hope and say, "It's okay, god will help you" because that will not happen. I am not a lier.

    I will however tell them that their doctors will do everything in their power to help them, and that the biggest part of surviving it all is being a strong person, and to never lose hope.

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