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Opinions on 2012 NFC & AFC Champs & which QB's will perform on high level?

Who do you think will be the 2102 NFC & AFC Champions (NFL League Year 2012-2013)?

Please base your answers on solid facts and NOT team loyalty.

Facts could be recent free-agent acquisitions, high draft position, solid drafting history, solid front-office decisions (on drafts & free-agents), low SOS (easy schedule), etc.


Also: Which QB's will perform well this coming NFL year; and which ones will suck?


I agree Chicago could improve if Marshall gets some help. He's got a lot of hate inside.

As Master Yoda once said: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”






Cutler needs to be protected by his OL.



Panthers with Cam Newton bears watching ....

Update 2:

@Spidey: I like your thinking. I like Pats too. They're my 2nd favorite team.

But other AFC playoff teams have an easier SOS like the Ravens (0.457), Steelers (0.473) vs Pats (0.504)

On the other hand, they have the almost-always reliable Brady -- whose kryptonite seems to be the NYG defense :-C

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    AFC: The Patriots have one of te easiest schedules in the league next year. The only challenging teams they face are the Ravens and the 49ers. That's an arguable 14-2 right there. Adding to that, their playoff drought has ended, which means that they won't be messing around in the postseason.

    NFC: The Saints are, well, the NFCs Patriots. That high powered offense seems invinvible at times. And when they're at the dome...... don't even get me started about that. They know that the Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans, so they'll be aiming for the #1 seed. If they get it, just check them as automatic Super Bowl winners (that's 3 straight home postseason games).

    BQ: I expect to see Michael Vick have a great season. He's fallen off last year, and the Eagles know that they've made some bad moves during the offseason. Reid will fix that team to it's 2010 season. I also see Philip Rivers having an MVP season. A lot of people forgot about him, but I think he'll go off. QBs that won't be any good next year will probably just be Tebow. He won't win his division, nor make it as a wildcard. He'll just suck.

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  • 4 years ago

    NFC -- Saints* *If the climate is extremely like the 1982 AFC Championship pastime then it is going to be the Bears. although, communities getting in with a QB controversey usually on no account win. AFC -- Ravens Ravens have the final protection and are basically a million of two communities which could close down LT (the different being the NE Patriots).

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    8 years ago

    I am very curious to see how the Carolina Panthers improve

    Assuming Phil Emery gets him some protection....Jay Cutler, with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall and the shitcanning of Mike Martz, could have a very promising season

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  • 8 years ago

    NFC: Bears, Packers, Saints, or 49ers

    AFC: Patriots

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