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Anonymous asked in SportsMotor SportsFormula One · 9 years ago

Is Lewis Hamilton being stifled by Jenson Button?

Let's face it Jenson's maturity is and cool head is giving him the edge over Hamilton. Hamilton is the quicker driver as showcased in qualifying, but he can't preserve his tyres due to his aggressive driving tendencies. However, it is possible that there is another psychological factor with his under performance, competing with a team mate who has public and team appeal? The Media as always are trying to dig beneath the surface of the relationship between the two, and if Lewis is genuinely friendly with Button, he needs to stop or stop pretending and be open about it. The sooner he does this the more focus he has on his own driving. There is no point competing with the poster boy. Seems to me he has this pent up aggression which is clouding his decision making and dictating his driving style.

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    9 years ago
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    Hamilton fell into the best car when he arrived in F1, got the full backing of the team and only just managed to pick up one of the two drivers championships that all that support should have provided him. He might be quick over a single lap, but he's nowhere near as good as the UK media have been making him out to be over the last few years. Button got things given to him at the start of his career too, but fortunately he got a second chance to have an F1 career when the Brawn car came his way. That he had the confidence to go to McLaren - to Hamilton's team - and to settle in and make the team work for him just shows a maturity which Hamilton shows a lack of every time he opens his mouth in public. Hamilton being unable to cope with the situation of being beaten soundly by his teammate would fit nicely with the personality that he radiates these days.

  • 9 years ago

    well I stayed awake to watch the race and to be honest,I think that Lewis has lost his aggressiveness lately, he is not drivng the way he used to and it shows in the result today, he was always a foot down real hard driver before, I did not see that today at all.

    In the past (2007/2008/2009 ) there was no way anyone would pass him after a pole position, today he was third ? how come ? He was not happy with third place and it showed as well, both Sebastian and Jenson were being very careful and a bit distant from Lewis in comparison to how they both greeted each other like "old buddies" after the race despite being in different teams.

    Something is wrong and Lewis needs to deal with it quickly or it will spoil the whole season for him and possibly deny him the chance of a another championship.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Short answer is no. As I see it Hamilton is his own worst enemy and has been since he had it all, perhaps too early in his career. I see Hamilton has having pent up aggression, period. I totally agree that it's all in his head, but I don't put it down to having Jenson in the same team - by a long way.

    Chip and shoulder come to mind, for whatever reason.

  • 9 years ago

    Jenson Buttons on form at the moment, he is clearly much happier then when he was driving with Honda.

    Maybe Lewis Hamilton is not on form but i would have thought he would be trying a different approch to this season than last as it was a bad season last year so it might take him a few more races.

    I wonder how good Jenson Button is because Heikki Kovalainen was so much slower than Lewis Hamilton every race.

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    9 years ago

    Button is a better driver than Hamilton - as has been demonstrated time and time again.

    Saying "Hamilton is the quicker driver as is showcased in qualifying," is to misunderstand much. The Australian Grand Prix was run over 58 laps, not just one. Button won.

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    9 years ago

    i do think jenson and lewis get along pretty well. only lewis has a lot on his mind and somehow that distracts him from his career. if he doesn´t get his act together soon, i doubt he will ever be champion again

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