Is This country going down the toilet or is it just me?

I've been told that I'm a weird guy and I admit I am, but I've been feeling depressed for the last couple of weeks and the world doesn't seem to make sense anymore. I'm twenty years old and so are most of the people I hang out with. I love vampire movies like Nosferatu, Dracula, and Underworld (Favorite), but almost every single person I know never watched any of those movies or even heard of them some times. They all prefer Twilight, which is awful when I watched it; you just can't take all of that vampire mythologies out of a vampire movie, and vampires just should not sparkle.

I live in Bridgeport, a minority-filled city where everyone loves Rap and Pop Music and Everything in between. Every time I hear a song like “Like a G6” is annoying to me and gives me a headache. I don’t like music like that which promote reckless partying when there are million upon millions of starving Africa and other places. And the modern rap music is so ugly to me; there are so many moral wrongs I find in today’s music so many perverted, violence, senseless lyrics. I can’t even relate to anymore in music ever! Even my teachers listen to the current celebrities like Drake, Jay-Z, Rihanna, EM&M, and etc. Also, I do not care about the Justin Bieber thing, but I do find it uncomfortable how his 1 video has more view than all my favorite music video combined. I like the Rock songs ranging from 1980s “Keep on Lovin You” & “Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon to 2000s “Indestructible” by Disturbed.

Also everyone is dressing the same, its either mall clothing like “Abercrombie & Fitch” to “Banana Republic” or the urban like clothing with oversized everything, Nikes, baggy pants, and Backwards Cap, which I find that stupid. I wear solid color T-shirts with Black Jackets, plain Jeans, and normal looking Nikes.

People attitudes are just depressing me; I haven’t met a nice person in months. Everyone is always grumpy, self-centered, or lazy. Whenever I go shopping the employees always seems impatient and rude to me (I have a thick Asian accent) I ask questions like “can you help me with [x]” and they always take their sweet time doing things and never use manners like “have a nice day”. I’ve volunteered at soup kitchens along with other places and the every volunteers are always smug about the fact they are volunteering and others aren’t (I mean it EVERYONE), I just don’t care, I came to help the homeless.

My Community College teachers seem to not know what they are teaching, and in retrospect my high school teachers didn’t knew either. I often find the teachers saying “ummm”, and then look at a textbook for references. It is getting annoying, the amount of time its happens builds up and accumulated could be converted into weeks of missing educational time. Also why do I have to study a vast array of useless information like Calculus when I’m going into careers that do not use it? (Film Industry & Business). Every College student seems to be OVER Stressed Out to me, I don’t see the point of this system.

Speaking of Qualifications, I can’t find a job anywhere. My parent did not let me leave the house a lot when I was younger, so I couldn’t get a job back then or work experience. But, I just want a simple retail job, Like Flipping Burgers. But I literally applied to every single job I can think of in the city area with Resumes, calling back to the job about the status of my application every 7 days. Yet I can’t get a call back. I see so many teenage people working who doesn’t appreciate or need the jobs. The last time I went to best buy I knew more about computers than the sale associates. One of them couldn’t even say “Wi-Fi” right! He pronounces it “We-Free” or “Wiffy”. I applied to McDonalds and Burger King and can’t seem to get a job there either, do I had to know someone to work there? I heard it was easy and they take everyone.

I’m Sorry if this is a little long, but I just had to vent some of my opinions. I can’t seems to find out what I’m doing wrong in life. I can’t change the way I am, many people would say I’m am liking all the wrong things. I’d say they are the ones liking all the wrong things and wear the wrong stuff. I just feel terribly alone in the world right now, not suicidal, but so depressed. I feel my morals and values are better than everyone and America is just going the toilet some times. So what are your opinions about this? What is the consensus? Or All of this is a diluted thoughts of a 20 year old?

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    Mate, you are on your way down the toilet but I live in England and we are down there already, I don't know why someone doesn't just flush us down and put us out of our misery. It's mainly the economy that is destroying our great lands as the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

    I completely agree with the vampire thing, as I am being made by my girlfriend to watch the latest Twilight later, I know it's **** and vampires shouldn't sparkle. I also don't think anybody in there right mind would fight over a moron like Bella not alone two immortals. (Underworld is also a personal favourite) Justin Bieber is one of Americas biggest tragedies and I wish it could of been avoided at all costs but England is also infected in some parts with Bieber fever! I do enjoy all of the pop music you mentioned however but not so much on the rap. Disturbed is epic!

    I dress roughly the same as you but have white Lonsdales instead of the Nikes. Everyone else here are chavs with there track suits and stupid NY caps, no offense to New York itself as I am sure they can't stand them either. Or we have the people in the tight jeans that must suffocate there privates.

    People attitudes are down to our economy I'm sure of it but our Chavs think they are gangsters, old people won't die any more which throws our economy in a worst state. Not to mention we have so many foreigners here now that there are no jobs for the English people. I have recently been made redundant and look for work every 5minutes but there is nothing, most of our jobs now say if you can speak English it will be an advantage!!!

    My girlfriend and I are looking to move to America in the future as your a bit further up the the toilet, near the rim!

  • 1.Save as hard u possibly over many years.. do not buy cars or new gadgets u dont need.

    2.Maintain a good credit rating do not get into any debt you will need a bank loan one day.

    3.Go to college and study either engineering,accountacy,computer programming,nursing,teaching,environmental science, will never be out of work.

    4.Join a drama class it will fix ur self confidence.

    5. Join a public speaking group and stay in it for at least 5years it will serve you well.

    6.Its better to be weird than just one of the guys who get drunk every weekend and spend all their money.

    7.If you dont mind living in a country with one of the strongest insulated economies in the world today some of the highest most generous wages in the world and living in a city that feels like 80%Asian then save $40,000 dollars and study college in Australia a.s.a.p.

    Source(s): Lived in Australia still is considered the best country in the world compared to mine...
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    i love underworld. eminem is the only rap i don't find terrible. "hipsters" make me want to puke. Politics makes me sad. Jobs are far and few between. I see violence and discrimination everywhere.

    all i can do about it is surround myself with people who see all the bad in the world and strive to be better.

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    America is going down the toilet but Australia is doing pretty well. We still have skills shortages here so if you need some sunshine and you have a skill, please come on over.

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